Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Mexico Red

You can take me out of New Mexico but you cant take the New Mexican out of me. I have to eat chile regularly. And when I mean chile I dont mean chili. Chili is that tex mex product with beans and ground beef and it also comes in cans, many people make many kinds and it is stew or soup like. For me chili is a sauce that gets poured over things like eggs or steak or even mashed potatos. Chile is a staple. This is something that most people have probably seen and even enjoyed - rolled cheese enchiladas with red chile.

Update with an egg. It has corn tortillas that have been warmed then dipped in the chile and rolled up with two types of cheese - a mexican cheese similar to mozzarella and sharp cheddar. It then gets a generous ladle of chile and is topped with more cheese and then melted under the broiler and finally topped off with sliced scallions. I could eat three plates just like this.


Anonymous said...

I love the way you've plated...mmm, I'm sure it was delicious.

Angel said...

save one of those plates for me cuz I LOVE that stuff....yum. Man, my mouth is watering right now Dog!!

buffalodick said...

It is a rare day that I don't have something with hot sauce in or on it.

pinknest said...

now this is perfection. absolutely.

ps. do you like chilaquiles??

Allison said...

oh my god, i'm going to NM in May and I can't wait to eat all those chiles!

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