Sunday, July 21, 2013

As American as Apple Pie - a 'Stuffed Apple - Pie' for CCC (Creative Cooking Crew)

This months challenge for the Creative Cooking Crew (#creativecookingcrew) the theme was "stuffed" and stuffed I did. I decided not to stuff all the usual things I stuff and I also opted to try and not stuff things too far outside of my comfort zone and while I do have a very broad comfort zone it is still a zone I try and not stray outside of.
I took an apple and I cored it and scooped out the center. I chopped up the apple pieces and mixed them with some chunky peanut butter, golden raisins, dried currants, honey and a little blue cheese for that special extra kick. I then stuffed this mixture back into the cored out apple and covered it with a little puff pastry. I preheated my outside grill and baked the apples right on the grill until the crust was golden and the apples were tender.
I plated my grilled apples up with a little caramel sauce, because who doesnt like a caramel apple, a little chocolate sauce because who doesnt like chocolate, some raspberry coulis because I had it, some powdered sugar because everything is more fun with powdered sugar and then who doesnt want a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream with their apple pie, a little sprig of mint and a nasturtium flower rounded the whole thing out. Stuffed - my summer time version of an apple pie.

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