Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ugly chicken

That might be how you could describe me. I could go on for a while being 'the' ugly chicken or 'an' ugly chicken or just 'plain' ugly chicken. I feel like a chicken sometimes like at the very top of the steepest water slide at the water slide park the very first time - you know the feeling dont you that really tall one that all the teenagers go on that drops straight down? I certainly feel ugly both inside and out. I have been posting my poems lately, these were written 14 years ago but they still ring true today. I am not always the victim in my writings in fact I am often the grief giver. I tried to use them as a catharsis but it only worked as a reinforcement. I should have created an art movement like 'dada' or 'bauhaus' I could have called it 'ugly inside and out'. I could still do it! We could criticize each other to the point of anger. It could be ruthless. No one is a winner everyone cheats and things end up missing. Loves are lost hearts are broken but we will keep on recruiting because its fun to be ugly inside and out and we want others to join us.

Just kidding

I made ugly chicken

It looks even more ugly in person. Full of flavor though, buttermilk bath for over an hour loaded with seasonings and then a flour dusting and a bread crumb coat. If you are noticing you see I left out egg bath....big mistake. All the dry goods fell off in the oil and I had to keep fishing them out so they wouldnt burn. I left the egg out on purpose. 1) it freaks me out a little to coat chicken with egg is that oedipal or is it me? 2) there is no number 2 I feel like its overkill to use chickens with their eggs. Any other meat no problem, duck egg bath and chicken would even work for me but chicken on chicken - I try not to does that make me wussy. Leave out the egg bath and this is what you get. You can do it but baking is the key - not frying.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


(gregorian type chant)

There was a time when I thought that I could sin

and I did - sin. I presumed that that time could go

on forever and ever amen. That that time would

never end -yeah. Now that time is gone forever

and ever amen - yeah. I pray to god, buddah and allah

jesus christ I met the devil and the devil dont care

who your god is - yeah. I'm sacred of fear deep

inside the nights dark and the shadows still. As a child

I sold my soul to the devil for some gum and now I

must chew all my life like a clown - yeah. I pray to

god, buddah and allah jesus christ I met the devil

and the devil dont care who your god is - yeah.

copyright 1994-2008 CG

Monday, January 28, 2008

how we roll

Around here rare to medium is how we like it. The pup would eat it raw if I would let him and I do occasionally let him when I am certain of the source and the lack of microbes - I like it raw too, definitely not for the squeamish thats for sure.

Am I the only one that is so anxious to see the NY Giants take this super bowl? I only watch the big games so dont write me off as a big sports fan cause I isnt.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

begin to imagine

Never ending meat and potatos.

vegans and vegetarians proceed with caution

Meat and cheese, not together like a cheeseburger but side by side like the good buddies they are. This cheese is Paneer a very easy cheese to make but if you dont want to make it use any fresh farmers cheese that you prefer, ( by the way these two cheeses are one in the same) and the meat this time is goat. I like the stronger flavors of more gamey meats. They have said that as you get older you like stronger flavors but I have always liked strong flavors -what does that mean?

I first dry marinated the goat meat with some curry spices, unsweetened cocoa powder, espresso powder (coffee grounds) salt, pepper and dried chiles. This sat for a couple hours and since not everyone likes the game flavor this spice combo sweetens up the meat considerably -brings down the funk so to speak (delicate culinary terms huh?)

I then browned the meat.

After it was nice and brown I added stock and simmered until sinfully tender.

Creamed spinach with paneer. Make some jasmin rice and some nan and you are eatin' good in the neighborhood....applebees got nothing on me.

Little King tut chillin' - a teenager in training - I miss him already and he isnt even grown up yet.

Friday, January 25, 2008


As I ponder a food challenge I google. I google 'grilled fruit' and grilled fruit galore is available for your viewing pleasure. Man oh man.

Mostly looking for ideas and inspiration and just to have a look then I google 'fried pickles' - who knew? I imagined the ripple cut but never the - long - the pickle spear. Looks like fried pickles even comes - varietal. I like the ripple cut since the spear seems too - juicy. Gear up we got a milkyway coco fruity avocado delight stewing.

tube steak

What is it about the hotdog?

Knockwurst on a potato roll

Yellow mustard and Cheese Whiz

Sliced onions.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

votes are in

After overwhelming response we present: Beans - Versatile, healthy and not cheap anymore - dollar a pound if you're lucky. Beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you toot. Cute as this is it isnt exactly true. You can develop a 'tolerance' for beans just as you would for meat or spouses or whatever. Tofu is beans made into cheese - gross right? doesnt 'taste' gross. So what is GROSS. BEANS!! I used to HATE beans. BEANS oh great we get to have beans again. Even the word is embarrasing. We dollop off that with ice cold red or green chile complete with all the cold fat and and we are talkin' a history and a past I never encountered. Sure we ate lots of beans, and sure I hated them but there was game and garden stuff too and it was never cold and fatty like the pictures.

The fixin's for a good posole

what would you like

This is how I feel, on a road to no where.

Its winter doldrums and winter only just began we still have at least 45 more days to go. We miss New Mexico more now than ever. Each time I visit it gets harder and harder to want to come back to NYC. Sure The Apple is fine but the Land of Enchantment is well - enchanting.

I can usually whip my weight in wild cats but that is not the case anymore unless the wildcats stayed thin but that wouldnt work either since I would need more cats to make up the difference. What does that have to do with anything? Got me. These fish were so delicious.

Nice haircut.

We have been playing HeroScape lately.

Food pyramid food shmearamid. Give me a food suggestion since I can no longer think for myself and I want to fight wildcats.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Simple Soup

"Baby its cold outside" and that aint no joke. What goes down good right now? Soup - simple soup thats what.

Browned turkey broth - everything carmelized

Golden fried potatoes,

Turkey cutlets (none too attractive but loaded with flavor)

Everything cooked separately then assembled bowl by bowl, want more potatoes put in more. Peppery, browned and rich. (you can see all the pepper on the bowl)

This cheese is so tasty I will be sad when it is gone.

I like to collect things that collect dust.

Sunday, January 20, 2008



Feelings scattered about the yard
hoping for the wind to blow,
blow them everywhere, anywhere
before the big brand new rake
shows up to scrape them together
with its strong arm and needing ways
putting them into neat little piles,
piles just big enough to be manageable.
feelings wishing for a gust
like a gust never felt before a gust
that would thrust itself
headstrong underneath
and in to each and every
veined and supple little feeling,
feelings that yearn for the wind,
wind so heavy and full.
feelings rustling in the breeze,
breeze so quiet and cool
feelings too easily succumbed by even
the slightest scratch from the rake,
the rake that so quickly subdues with its
tickling fingers bending their gentle
frames forcing them to be manageable.
feelings piled neatly and organized,
organized into small but thick piles,
piles that fit easily into their
packages, packages that contain
the frail feelings no longer supple
but bruised and crushed used by
the rake as though they were nothing.

copyright 2002-2008 cg 3[2002]


handcuffed soul to soul
well that's no way to grow
chained and drained from chains of pain the key won't turn the lock
the lock is trained to keep the pain so tight within the chain
bound and blistered chafed and hurt to escape and still remain.
desert blooms and desert snow and desert springs renew
they help to heal the deepest cuts the night air so fresh and cool
I want to go and feel the heat to liberate my soul.
stainless though the chains are made the rust will make its way
to eat the bondage break the bind that holds us soul to soul
let the freedom sing its freedoms song and set the captives free
if not for you and not for me but for free as free to be.
no key is needed no magic twist for the lock that just wont budge
as nature breaks and nature heals where no man need to judge,
suns will rise and suns will set and rust will take its toll
and after all that time has passed we won't be tied so tight to fight
the chains that bind us whole but break the chains that keep us
handcuffed soul to soul.

copyright 2002-2008 cg 3[2002]

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thus Spoke The Dogg


"my air" she said
"you are my breath
without you I am
nothing, limp without


I did not know that I had been bitten,
bitten by the deadly snake with its venom,
venom so poisonous and acrid a bite so lasting
and fast, fast did the snake slither,
slither back to its lair, a lair of reeds
and packed mud and discarded carcasses,
carcasses from past victims uneaten
wasted by the bite from the snake
not a snake that was hungry,
hungry for nutrients strong
but a snake whose intent was in biting,
biting with its fangs so drippy and sharp,
sharp so pointed and long,
long was the snake from its tip to its tail
that I should have seen it sliding slowly then fast,
fast was the strike that would last
yet I was not numb, numb from its hypnotic stare
nor did I groan when the fang sank itself deep,
deep in my unwary skin,
skin so taut and surprised,
surprised at the bite from a snake that was mine,
mine at one time before it escaped,
escaped to its lair in the mud and the reeds,
reeds that disguise the snakes nasty charms,
charms that please only a snake,
a snake like all snakes sneaky and slick
that it bit me so good and it bit me so deep
that my sickness so sick did not greet me till late,
late did I find I was bit, bit
by the snake that ate from my plate
and once curled around me so sweet,
sweet is the taste in my mouth as I pass,
pass from one life to next and remember the lesson
a lesson I learned all too late: that a snake is a snake is a snake.

All words copyright cg 3[2002 - 2008]

Thursday, January 17, 2008

good times bad times


I need to come up with the place I put things when I want to remember where I forgot them...or something like that.

Led Zepplin

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not behind the 8 ball

"I've taken the piss out" so to speak

English slang cracks me up. But I guess US slang sounds just as ridiculous too. I am getting a good jump on my posts since I so grandiosly boasted that I was going to do 365 this year I figure about 30 a month should take me over. I fluffed already a couple times with single video posts I hope not to do that too often as all that does is pad the numbers. Another thing is I am going to show me more as I have not done that too much in the past, why not I've got nothing to hide except my aging disposition.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Snow Day

Lets see if we have a snow day. I personally dont think so. Usually I like to be right but today I want to be wrong, so lets see.
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