Saturday, June 15, 2013

All-Star Challenge = Grilled Desserts

When my friend and fellow Char-Broil All Star Curt wanted to do a grilled dessert challenge I knew I was going to procrastinate till the last possible moment, and true to form I did. Since I did grilled bananas last week on The Weather Channel and I have done them before I thought I should do something a little bit different so I grilled up some cantaloupe.
Thats right grilled cantaloupe with a raspberry coulis and caramel sauce. Good? You ask? Great! I say. Try it, you'll like it. I cant wait to see what the others do.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Giveaway - Yup - stuff for free!

Julie Reinhardt has a great cookbook - and this one is signed not only by the author herself but by the grand champion of all things pork Danielle "Diva Q" Dimovksy and its easy breezy to win it - all you have to do is go to Julie's blog or website and leave a comment pertaining to the post you are commenting on ...but you have to weave in that you want the book. I know this sounds super simple because it is, we were going to create this long list of quirks and facts about Julie and make you memorize each and everyone of them then Pin them and Tweet them and create a Facebook page that you could LIKE and make you jump through hoops and then sleep on a bed of nails, this seemed easier. is the catch - on this post you have to say the ONE thing that I have in common with these two women, only the correct answers will be eligible for the drawing. GOOD LUCK!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Color Purple - CCC challenge June = COLOR

There should be little doubt in your mind what my favorite color is. I had this fantastic purple pull over shirt in college and I loved this shirt but it was starting to get a little frayed on the edges. One day I was out in a park flying kites with my beautiful new girlfriend and her little brother and our kites were getting tossed around like rag dolls. I had a solution, and since I was wearing a t-shirt under my purple shirt I took off my beloved shirt and I tore it into strips to use as tails for our kites. My new girlfriend was stunned, pleased, confused and now more smitten than ever. She knew this was my favorite shirt and she said in a stern voice-"why did you do that?" and I said "our kites have to fly" but she said "thats your favorite shirt" and I said "it still is." We watched our kites with their new purple tails bob and weave in the afternoon sky as gently and perfect as a kite could fly.

Purple is a majestic color. I think its the only color that gets this status. So I present to you my regal fare.

Silkie roasted chicken with grilled plums and figs served with roasted purple potatoes and a warm purple cabbage and onion compote as well as a cold purple cabbage and onion slaw with a warm blueberry vinaigrette and parsley oil. Check back to check out all the creatively colorful dishes from The Creative Cooking Crew. Thanks to Joan and Lazaro for hosting these challenging events.

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