Friday, August 31, 2007


We ate shrimp totillas and butter,

Thursday, August 23, 2007

central park

this is what o conner could have looked like had it had the chance - note the cardinal crest on pookies head.

together 21 years and he calls her 'babe' it was too cute.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rays and Sharks

Just so you know this stingray is 3 feet was very large and dangerous - the fisherman cut the line from a distance and let it swim back on its own.

Head over Heels

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And then some


I had almost given up on this whole blog thing since having been away for 10 days or so, but then I found myself checking all the blogs in my list and I realized I am in it to stay.

Brother was here and he had is family. He is younger than me by 3 years. He is the youngest. We have sister she is between us. My parents had 3 kids right away. We are often 123 on the clock of ages.

Brother made a sand shark.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I rescued, I love how that makes implications - I rescued - a baby cardinal. Yup Banana has a cool backyard where she lives on the ground floor and there is like a compost, bamboo, wilderness sanctuary on 4th street between Avenues A and B. Well this sanctuary which is a nice size back yard garden that takes up three buildings and is that wide by 30 feet deep with three big trees and a lot of bamboo is home to all kinds of things like pigeons and neighbors dogs and cardinals. If anyone wanted to be a cardinal the male cardinal is the one to be since he is the red one. Well my rescue effort was minimal, one of the boyfriends of one of the girls that has a dog told me when I showed up that a cardinal had fallen, or was on the pathway and he put it over by the compost, and what should he do? Full of questions and info he was. So I let it rest on my finger while I contemplated and decided the best thing was to bring it home since I could not find the nest and the parents could not carry it and taking it to a vet would mean I would never see it again so I named it o'conner. My new pet is cardinal o'conner and today it ate diluted pancakes mixed with fruit pulp from an eyedropper - mushy stuff.

Update: O'conner is hanging in there, eating great chirping wildly and growing slowly.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Did I jump the gun?

I am looking at 5 days before I and us actually have to impress my brother - his wife- and their child. Our hair still has a chance to adjust itself and our tans will have to be as they are, no matter what. .......shallow as we are we go deep.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gearin' Up

My brother his wife and their 16 year old son are coming to visit from Colorado. We have been frantically trying to clean, I mean hide things, and generally just get prepped. It will be the first time for the kid to see the big apple so I am sure he is pretty hyped, although they will be on their own for the most part since we cant or dont have the energy to see the sights. After they are all touristed up, though, we will take them to the seedy under belly , where I have lived for the past 20 years, just so they can have some contrast. People who visit invariably complain about the crowds and the presumed 'filth' but what do you expect when you have 20 million in the combined boroughs and then another several million tourists 'acting' like New Yorkers? The tourists are often more obnoxious and more prone to litter than the locals. If you ever get a chance to witness first hand the clean up brigades that happen after a major event, like say the Macys Thanksgiving day Parade or something big like that then you will truly understand the power of NYC. It is precise and quick. So while New York is not for everyone, it is for me.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

oh phooey

My camera is still under investigation. Maybe they will fix it, maybe they will replace it, maybe its now really getting me upset. But then why would I need a camera when the internet has everything?

Last night was sushi night. So if you remember the pictures from before then you can visualize the dynamic inside out rolls and the the fantastic pieces of fresh salmon and mackerel, the slivers of cucumber and carrot, the perfectly ripe avocado and we splurged and got wild louisiana shrimp. The wild shrimp is so much different, it is actually sweeter and the flesh is more firm while not firm at the same time, hard to explain but the flavor is exactly the flavor you want shrimp to be. Two types of Sake, an unfiltered one, called a Nigori Sake which was excellent and a dry one which was normal and really good as well. Only problem is that everytime I make sushi I get a little better and a little more creative so the most recent one is always better than the one before. It looked a lot like this except more like enough for three. I dont think I could ever leave New York, I have become so accustomed to the food selection that living somewhere with out the variety would make me insane.

I also picked up two pounds of shark, yup the little guy saw shark and had to have some, it is such a different texture than other fish, it is like the density of a really good crabcake or something like that. And I once told the guy that you become the food you eat, for example if you eat goat then you are springy and jumpy like a goat, so after he ate the shark last night he became aggressive and forceful, usually it is funny but he got so mean tempered it was almost too much. The upside, he HAD to take a bath, yup he told me he HAD to take a bath, too cute huh?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Keepin' Cool

Shakes, Smoothies and Juice along with copius amounts of water.
This is a strawberry, tofutti, and soy milk delight.

The juice is carrots, beets, celery and cucumber.

Water is water but thru a pUr filter -how do you do the umlad(spell check please). We go to the pool often, we go to the YMCA not as often and we hit the sprinkler parks rarely -since he is a "big guy"now. I need to go to the Y more but that only spells excercise and it just makes me too hungry to think about it.

For Those Unaware

Its SUMMER, and boy is it ever. So to pacify my heated soul I thought I would take us down memory lane. This is one of my window box snowmen taken on St. Patricks day in March of this year. Just like the sitcoms show winter in summer my blog keeps up with Nielsen and does the same. More Snow, more snowmen and Banana taking a picture of me taking a picture. Its like the vaccum sucking its self up, it feels like an implosion. And to even it all out some nice hot and spicy curry.

It is too hot to want to do anything. We are still eating by the way just eating lazy stuff thats all. I chose these pictures because the glow makes them look hot. Keep on sizzlin'

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

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