Sunday, April 17, 2011

lots to look at not much to say plenty to do so lets eat risotto

Perhaps you are wondering where I am? Perhaps you dont even care? Perhaps I dont care? Whatever the case may be one thing is certain - I went from posting every single day down to -
will I ever post again. The answer to that is yes. I have been busy with all kinds of things, things that distract me from the luxury of posting my what nots on my blog. I have been cooking more than ever, I have started new projects, thought about others and completed some. I havent gained a pound and I havent exercised in forever. I joke that I am "a month away from buff" all the time but truth be told I have been "a month away from buff" for a couple of years now and I dont seem to be getting any closer.

Enough talk about me - lets talk risotto. "Risotto" you say "you make risotto all the time" and that would be correct and since I make risotto all the time it only gets better. I make it at home, I make it for clients, I will make it just for fun if you want. The secret(s) behind great risotto are many but it does start with good rice. I have used Arborio mostly until I discovered Carnaroli. Carnaroli is the rice of rices and thats all I have to say about that, if you can find it use it and you will know one more secret.

By now you have realized that this is not the place to come for recipes - recipes are all over the place - this is a place to learn technique, though if you are excited to see some recipes I am working on that as one of my other little projects.

Morel mushrooms and shaved Romano cheese make this creamy dish all that it should be.

By some small chance morel mushrooms and Romano cheese is not enough for you why not put some crumbled bacon on top.

This was so good I couldn't wait to have the leftovers for breakfast, and while it wasnt as creamy as the night before it sure was good with this double yoke poached egg. Get some good rice, make some risotto, practice on having some secrets of your own.

BIG HUGE WHOOPS - Blogspot deleted the comments for this post!!!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

pasta, pesto, pulpo, and pretty pasta plates-please

With the marathon coming up in November I figured I better start carb loading now since I am not training nor am I going to run even a little bit and my pasta contributions will be my only effort.

For those that have gluten and wheat issues I sincerely feel for you since you cannot nor will not ever enjoy the luxuriousness that is pasta. There are gluten free and wheat free versions that I have not tried so perhaps my previous statement is biased and uninformed - yet where would I be if it were not for my bias and my lack of information. You might recall the octopus? Well it has been on the menu for a little longer than I let on. Fettucini with octopus and black pepper is a little lesson in tasty.

The star of this pasta post perhaps is pasta with pesto - perfect. There is not one single thing wrong with this dish. The guanciale was rendered perfectly, the arugula pesto was the perfect consistency, the pasta was perfectly al dente, the pecorino had the perfect tangy bite and the perfect egg yolk made it all so perfect. The only thing imperfect is that I cant share it with everyone.

This an entry for Denny's and Foodbuzz Baconalia.

Friday, April 01, 2011

frutti di mare from the orchard of the sea

Less than thirty days ago I made some grilled octopus and it has been on my mind ever since. Then a few days ago Caterina made octopus using the pressure cooker so I had to give that a try. Results: passable. The slow poaching method is by far better but the quickness of the pressure cooker makes this an easy dish to prepare on the fly.

Grilling was not part of the plan today - well not actual charcoal grilling since I did put in the grill pan with a little oregano to smoky it up a bit. Results: passable. Nothing beats the real flavor of fire.

After the octopus was sufficiently cooked twice I chopped it up and tossed it with some garlic, chile, olive oil, more oregano some lime and a little salt and served it over rice. Results: delicious. Make yourself some octopus and if you have the time slow poach it and grill it.
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