Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have my eye on things and things may not be as they appear

Every time I tell the truth I find that I alienate people - every time I alienate people I am glad I told the truth. I tested out of an advanced Sociology class in college for full credit with a report I wrote on how to start a cult and my cult worshipped the cantaloupe. Needless to say I have not started any cults but I certainly know how they work. So in order to bring order back to this disorder we will no longer focus on those types of things that make people examine themselves too deeply. Instead lets just eat ice cream and be happy.

You can probably tell that I am not using my blog to get a book deal or to teach people how to boil water or to be some sort of recipe reservoir as much as this blog is, as the URL implies, all about me, always was and always will be - but that doesnt mean that it hasnt helped me because it definitely has.

I was the lucky recipient of some delicious homemade goat cheese from none other than David Fankhauser the cheese man himself. I have posted links to his website during the times I was attempting new cheeses - if you recall.

A simple radish sandwich on toast with butter can not be beat.

For that matter plantains fried in butter and drizzled with sweetened condensed milk can not be beat either.

Remember that I have my eye on the pulse and the heartbeat...and I dont have normal eyes.

Oh yeah and I made some peach ice cream - nothing says summer more than peach ice cream.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

nitty gritty witty ol' bitty - or caprese salad, dumpling house and what nots for good SEO

Why do people join groups to learn how to do things independently? I will never understand the lemmings and turkeys of this world and if you dont know what I mean by that I will explain - you put one turkey in a box then all the turkeys will want to be in that box - one lemming jumps off a cliff then all the other lemmings will follow. There are so many various blog conferences out there that purport to teach bloggers how to be better bloggers for a fee - well I have news for you - you've been had. These types of conferences are designed to make money for the people putting on the conference by sucking in the gullible who will pay the fees to "learn" and then walk away with a potato peeler and some wine or what ever other little doo-dads they can put together on the cheap. Typically they might get some sponsors and then the sponsors will give things away. Its a pretty simple and basic formula - buy the book on how to get rich but the only person getting rich is the person selling the book. Whats my point? No point, just having a good chuckle to myself when I hear about these "blog conferences" thats all.

Want one of the best sandwiches for an exorbitantly cheap price that you wont even believe its so cheap and then you will tell all your friends and then the price will go up and the quality will go down and the whole thing will be worthless in no time flat?

Then go to Vanessa's dumpling house on Eldridge - not only are they known for the best and cheapest dumplings in all the land but they make a mean sesame pancake sandwich too.

I opted for the peking duck that set me back an outstanding $2.25. Oh, I could give you some kind of negative review like the lines are too long for both the food and the bathroom and its hard to get a seat but that kind of inconvenience would only make you run not walk to the place so why bother.

I will even post the menu so you can see how cheap it is and then you can act all cool like you discovered something when you brag about it to your friends - and just so you know not too many people can remember the place before it got renovated - I am one of those people.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I cook therefore I am - I ergo sum coquus

I dont know how many of you are aware how much I like the whole food process - I know its a given since this is predominately a food blog that the interest lies in that general direction but I need to tell you that this interest has been going on since I was in grade school, and I have mentioned that before too. Well, with all this history in mind I should say that I have gone through several plateaus in this quest of mine and I am happy to say that once again I have reached a new plateau. I love to learn, I love to grow and I love to change. If you are one of my friends on Facebook then you are probably seeing more constant posts from me than you are here at the blog - and if you arent one of my friends on Facebook I dont know how thats possible since I have over 4000 - and dont think I dont keep a handle on all of that - I am well aware that at least 1000 of them are Chefs in Malasyia and all points East that I barely interact with. Anyway - ChezWhat? will be getting a little more attention from me - I promise - Migrating Feast is going through another edit and hopefully those videos and that documentary will take things to another plateau and that about sums up my little sum is a whole bunch of pictures taken with my phone.

I have been nice and busy and I love it and I hope it never stops I have been cooking and working and working and cooking in all kinds of settings in the last year and even more so in the last few months.

I have been making all kinds of fun and exciting things.

I made some "secret" ingredients

I made some salmon

I get 90% of it done on my bike

I have been all over this city....

...and when I get home I make a sandwich.
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