Tuesday, November 27, 2007


hideous me

Friday, November 23, 2007


The only reading I do besides captions, articles, tidbits, hardly enough books, news events, puzzles, and signage are recipes. I think I read too many. Any way this is my newest and most favorite. ? why..this booger has a story.

The wife bisquits originally came from Daphne

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

pre turkey turkey

The small young bird that I am preparing this year (9 pounds) is now 'resting' with a liberal dose of rosemary butter massaged under the skin and a generous coating of spices and salts to 'tighten' up the skin before cooking. The butter nut squash is already roasted and waiting to be mixed with cream for soup tomorrow. The homemade fresh sausage for the stuffing is waiting in the fridge. The green beans are still in the package but they will get handled later. Mashed potatoes always happen in the last 20 minutes anyway and the pie came from the store. Gone are the days when I experiment, like that year I did a goose...whew what a bad idea.

more as it happens.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

hot tamale

This time of year is typically the time of year for tamales.
I am providing extra links for tamales since I am not so detailed in my explanation. I have been making these delicious little treats for years and years now and I dont follow a recipe so much as I just throw it all together. I started the meat last night in the pressure cooker with chiles, garlic, onion salt and pepper so that today it was pulled and shredded by hand and tasty. I made the masa, soaked the husks and got busy this morning making 2 dozen of these bad boys. I basically did the same as this.

Spread the masa

A dollop of meat

Steam for 90 minutes or so ( I usually steam about
8 at a time but I show three here for convenience)

This big pot of chile is for spooning over the plated
tamales covered in melted cheese and served up
"wet" as referenced by my food buddy at Opinions
and Rectums. I dont need to tell you how good these are.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

thermal dynamics

The only way to get good food done fast is with a pressure cooker and I use it a lot. Some people say it isnt the same as slow simmering but I disagree and I disagree because I am so bad at slow simmering, instead of one hour I let it go for three so the whole effect is lost on the affect, or vice versa. With the pressure cooker I am on point, I know that within a few minutes its good to go. Today the kid asked for beef stew at 4:00 pm and he wants the meat to fall apart "like it always does" so since he likes to eat at 6:00 the only option is the pressure cooker.

Stay tuned as it is cooling down now...but I wanted to start this post before 6:00pm

As a result of the thermal pressure the quantum
physical nature of the ingredients are altered to
create "stew"...It would be wise to remember
that pressure cookers are dangerous
and while you may not get a nuclear reaction
you wouldnt want some carelessness to create
an unwanted taste explosion...

now for the test.

It should be good to know that I had to stop at the store and cooking
didnt begin until 5:20.

"tow up from the flo up" thats the only way to describe
how this was demolished and right now it is 6:34pm...
and yeah we eat tons of butter......

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


One of my favorite foods : yucca, bacalao, gineo, and cebolla
with olive oil and fresh lime. (translated - yucca (starchy root) bacalao (dried salted cod or pollock) gineo (green banana) cebolla (onion) This meal is so light and satisfying you will want to eat it everyday.


out of towners

Guests always give you the best perspective.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I am blushing

cash advance

Cash Advance Loans

Friday, November 09, 2007


With all the smells coming out of this blog it should be rated X. That durian, as frozen or de-scented or whatever was hardly mild and now today is no different. This cheese stinks but not nearly as much as the one I threw away. This one stinks like sweet creamy honey milk that is just a little south, but boy does it taste good. The other one an Explorateur, was so ripe even I couldnt eat it.

So to lighten the load a little here are some pictures from a couple days ago at the most wedding photographed location in central park. Its at 105th and 5th and its the conservatory garden. It is so nice here that it is a shame that me and the little guy play hide and seek in the bushes. Oh well.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The King of Fruits

Durian, forget everything you have heard about it or havent heard or might hear later - it isnt that bad. Now I know, who wants to eat anything that is prefaced with "it isnt that bad" but seriously it isnt. Its creamy, sweet and pungent to be sure but I think the fact that it was ice cold kept some of its aroma to a minimum. I had already picked up the chicken the rabbit the fruits the veggies and whatever else I needed in chinatown when while we were at the car a vendor was carving into a durian. I stopped to admire his skill when he asked if I had ever tasted it and I said no while asking how much was a whole one. He said it is a dollar twenty per pound and a whole one is about 11 dollars but if you want I will sell you a large taste for one dollar. I whipped out a buck he carved out one of the seed pods and just like that I was eating durian. The pup said the texture was too wierd, banana loved it and I did too. We were watched closely by about several other vendors and they seemed to be waiting for us to freak out but all were pleasantly surprised when we seemed to enjoy it. So there you go.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

eleven eleven

I cant wait till its 11/11/11 .....
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