Monday, April 30, 2007


So tasty they dont need words.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Blue Corn Enchiladas

Ok. You start by taking some dried chiles, I get mine from New Mexico -
sun baked and dried sunshine.
Throw them in a blender until smooth.
Season the chicken and pressure cook for 15 minutes while frying up at least 3 blue corn tortillas per person (extra counting seconds)
Plate it up and feed it to somebody.

Way too Funny

This cracked me up.
I have gone nuts, and since food is my overall theme...well..and other stuff..

Stay tuned for tonight it is chicken enchiladas

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I am such a friggin' lemming, I see lamb burger I gotta make lamb burger, I am so glad me and all the other "turkeys" are not being piled into a truck to "go for a ride" because it seems like I would follow right along.
I fire up the grill (pan) so hot the kid thinks the house is on fire.
Then I weigh it down with my pig press.
And after I have "criss crossed" the bread I cut it with a mold and put it on a plate with some chips, then the little man eats, voila - lamb burger.

Monday, April 23, 2007

No Stage and No Editor

We made rice balls. buddy bait. this shit lures him in faster than butter on a bisquit.
questions to ask:
1) dude whats the spoon for?
2) LAZY OR just lazy? (clean up damit)

Spring has Sprung

I want to gross you out with the totally disgusting image of my cut thumb tip, a very fine slice from the left top of my left thumb and nail, a cut I gave myself trying to slice something very very thin while a little on the inebriated side of things. The cut isnt that big but it hurt and wouldnt stop bleeding (ultimately it did) and now after living under a bandaid for two days it is ugly, pruney looking and kind of stinky.

But instead I will show you these lovely flowers.

I dont know what to cook, I dont know what to eat, I just wish I was a genie and even my wishes were wished for me so I wouldnt even have to come up with them.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Its a goner

From this

to this

then this

and this. Eyes were the first to go. 364 more days and I get to make another one of some kind.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Let them eat cake

Every year I make my kid a custom cake and this year is no different. I wish I had photos of the two hot wheels cars and the bob the builder construction site I made early on they were cool but here are a couple. I am no baker but I have fun doing it and its all first draft stuff so if the frosting doesnt do what I expected I just have to go with it.. This is a flourless cake made with beaten eggwhites, melted chocolate, vanilla and unsweetened butter it comes out of the oven puffy and light like a souffle but then as it sits it collapses and gets more dense while retaining a nice moist and chocolatey center. I like it both straight from the oven and also later after it gets dense.

So happy birthday to everyone and anyone who has a birthday in April, you know who you are better than I do even though I do know some.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Almuerzo (lunch)

This is how I cut it up.

Marinate some salmon, I have wild sockeye salmon in a little soy sauce and some wasabi. While the salmon does its thing boil water and put in some buckwheat soba noodles and boil for 5 minutes.

Drain and rinse and quickly toss in the salmon and in my book of salmon - a little goes a long way so determine how much salmon you will toss with a little sesame oil, the heat from the noodles will cook the salmon. Grab some chopsticks and slurp it all down(oh and on a side note I eat too much salmon so dont go by my serving). This is a warm dish but soba has a better flavor when it is cold if ya really wanna know.

When you have had enough then eat some watermelon.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Gotta' feed the kid and he isnt always
into my "creations" result- he eats I hop food.

so... ee ta daki mas doo

Weeds and Seeds

I am a recovering vegetarian. I had a girlfriend many years ago that was totally holistic from her mom on down and as a result I strayed from my meat eating ways for many years (5 to be exact) and I never quite got over it, every now and then I lapse back into "the life" - yup I have nutritional yeast in my fridge and I use it mostly on popcorn, my kid loves it he calls it "the good stuff" as in "daddy does the popcorn have a lot of the good stuff" so here we go I made hummus.
I soaked the chickpeas, garbanzos or whatever over night and then simmered them until soft with some garlic cloves. I also fried some of the soaked beans in olive oil and then sprinkled sea salt and old bay seasoning for a snack.
Throw it in the food processor always drizzleing olive oil until its nice and creamy or as creamy as a bean can be and then put it on a plate and eat it with some pita bread or tortillas or crackers or whatever you want.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Itadakimasu! (Bon Appetite!)

This is my kids bait, whenever I want to make him more of the good kid he already is I make him his favorite thing to eat and that is anything with nori (seaweed). Sometimes I roll them into a ball sometimes I make fancy little triangles and other times I do the simplest thing possible and that is to make rolls or Maki-zushi or Norimaki but no matter how you spell it or what you call it this stuff tastes great.

After making the sushi rice and having added a little sweet rice vinager I then put it on a sheet of nori with a little wasabi, that I buy in 2 pound bags cause I use this stuff in other things as well like I will make wasabi mayonaise to put on a teriyaki chicken sandwich for example.

Any way today I am just using shrimp, cause thats what I have, my avocados are not ripe enough and I dont have cucumber and I dont feel like making little carrot juliennes. Roll it up, slice it either at an angle or straight across, arrange on a plate with some more wasabi and pickled ginger and enjoy.

Its so easy to make and the enjoyment of being able to gorge yourself is unmatched.

Edit : To iron that point home a little my guy says "daddy put some of those garbage beans with some of that crab salt and roll it up with rice in the seaweed.. I bet it tastes good" I did...he ate it. I tasted it was like having salty peanuts or corn nuts wrapped up in a sushi concoction..... seemed like more of a kids flavor or something you would have with a coca-cola. Plus to add to the connundrum - we dont drink soda - only in a special "needs" basis, and thats a fact, we are a low sodium low sugar house with no candy or soda, but plenty of cakes. You should get to know little debbie and I am sure I know dolly madison isnt she related to betty crocker? Let me ask my Aunt Jemima or my Uncle Ben or maybe Captain Crunch, somebodies gotta know. Chef boy are dee is too busy and so is Mrs. Pauls so maybe its Long John Silver or no...I know if we just ask the peanut gallery some who haw will chime in.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Picture Says a 1000 Words

I talk and I talk and I talk so much I should probably shut up but here I hardly say a thing. But blogs are for getting things out there, being able to speak your mind, opening up. I post pictures and hope you can do the talking this time. Its enough to be the guy that does what I do let alone be the guy that describes it. Sure I could sit down and describe in detail but I would rather have a camera crew follow me around so they could catch the subtleties and nuances. Well no crew. Just little ol' me and my Fuji. We do awraight. So I decided that mums the word and I hope the photos work and fill in the blanks.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kissed by a dolphin

Ok I am back! I was a little out of sorts with my son being gone and all but I have gathered myself back up and he is back and never ending joy can continue once again. So lets see he came back yesterday and blew bubbles.

While he as gone I painted and this super blue is the result.

He travelled all over so when those pictures get developed (I know how primitive to use film) I will post about his journey but you can see a sample now.

Easter Hat Spectacular

NYC has this Easter tradition whereby people don their "fancy" hats and walk around a closed 5th Avenue to show off. Everyone was there including Elvis.

Then it was on to McSorley's for too many beers and cheese and crackers.

Several days ago Pinknest blogged about Congee Village

So I had to go. I had seafood congee and a steaming sizzling seafood pot. Both were excellent and I cant wait to go again. And on the home front I made some grilled chicken with tortellini and sundried tomatoes for my lunch yesterday. And a view from my window of the city at night.

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