Thursday, October 12, 2006

LOOKING for My voice

Living here in the Lower East Side of NewYork City since 1985 has not been a walk in the park. Blogs have only been around for a short while. YouTube gets 1.65 billion in stock from Google, a Yankees pitcher flys his small plane into a building, Madonna adopts a kid, one of our Mars buggys was once stuck in the Martian sand and it tooks six months of wheel spinning to get it out and then one of our satelites passed by and took a picture of this buggy near a mile wide crater, North Korea sets off a nuke, perverts are in our government as well as our schools and stores and just about everywhere you turn, some wierdo shot young Amish girls in the head at school, robbers keep leaving their id's behind, Paris and Nicole are friends again, Zagat is understating the meals costs to make restuarants more "do-able" , this winters trends are not as pronounced and this coming summers may not be either since last summers and this falls are un-noticeable, NYC has not had a significant new trend on the streets in a while, it is becoming televised "reality' everything yet the potatoes still sit at home and watch, I must have passed three gallery openings with out even noticing and then I remembered the 80's and the packed 'art craze' and wondered about the future of art, I have changed a lot and so has everything else, McDonalds hamburgers still taste exactly the same, and life goes on.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lets See

I have never watched
An entire episode of the Simpsons
Anything E.R.
More than 10 minutes of any Survivor
NYPD Blues
Any of those other crime shows with Vincent Donofrio
Heck I cant even think of the names since I havent seen them.

But I have watched
Fear Factor
Most things on National Geographic
Too much Food Network, so much I am bored with it all and I cant for the life of me understand how Rachel Ray with her Sammys and pookies and bickies and what ever else, got to be so popular. And on the same schmaltz list I can totaly understand how Sandra Lee pulls it off, but again not with Paula Dean.
Tatoo Programs and Tribal Stuff
Can no longer watch Survivorman, he is a flake. My old grandmother could survive better than him, and she would at least have had the where with all to at least find some decent food. The guys is a camera toting hoax.
Cartoon Network
Dave Chapelle
Cops -1 2 and 3...Extended Cops...Cops busting Cops...whatever wild car chase real camera cop show that I come across...they make me laugh in disbelief.
did I mention those tribal fact I miss them lately..."the bunlaps" from the (and I cant spell it) Vanuatu Islands near New Zealand. I complained that by giving them a tv show was going to mess them up and it has...some of them are now speaking MORE english...I think that is bad...yet I add to their Nielsen ratings.

I am always curious about the weather in other places. I always want to know what time the sun came up and went down and what time the moon came up and went down in other places. I like to compare daylight hours in other places to daylight hours in New York. You can see by one of the banner insert things I compulsively put in my blog right above the advert that I compulsively did same to and I cannot get it removed, it is like a changes but it is still permanent.

Any way today it was this here in NYC and also in Bosque Farms, NM.

October 04, 2006
New York, NY
6:54 AM (EDT)
6:32 PM (EDT)
Hrs. of Daylight
11 Hrs., 38 Mins.
Albuquerque, NM
7:02 AM (MDT)
6:49 PM (MDT)
Hrs. of Daylight
11 Hrs., 47 Mins.

NYC had less daylight..and it is noticeable.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


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