Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pizza Pie In The Sky

Pizza - who doesn't like pizza and who ever doesnt like pizza is a freak and has no business reading this post so if thats you - toodles.

I made a few pizzas, a clam pizza or two a tomato pie and a garlic pie.

 The greatest thing about this grill his how blazing hot it gets. I have two types of pizza stones and the grill is big enough to accommodate them both and neither one is hotter than the other, they are both blazing hot.
 The only thing left to do now is slice them up, pour a cold beverage and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tropical Flavors in Sub Tropical Town

It is not a well known fact but New York City is considered sub tropical in the summer time and if any of you have ever been here at that time you would most definitely agree. In order to honor the pending tropical heat wave that will soon be upon us I made some ribs and some big fat prawns.
The ribs were slathered in a garlic and ginger with pineapple and vegetable oil emulsion (I put everything in the blender and it got thick like a mayonnaise) then wrapped up the coated ribs in banana leaves and then in foil and cooked until tender and delicious. The prawns were tossed with a little seasoned salt and thrown directly on the grill near the end of the cooking time for the ribs. 
There is something about the banana leaf that both adds flavor and helps tenderize the meat - its awesome because it feels like super secret trick.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

chicken - its whats for dinner

Check out my latest post for Char-Broil - I call it Malibu Chicken!
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