Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lets get rollin'

Everyone was begging for the seasons to change, every where you sat you heard 'people' wishing they could wear sweaters or some light leather thing but was too hot, too humid - well its here - the time is now.... so those seasonal have toos can now start. Break out the little sweaters, little leathers and little things. It isnt hot anymore.

some kind of panini with roasted red peppers.

Truffled Egg Toast. Man this is good. The recipe is here.
I substituted assorted olives for the asparagus and used
whole eggs rather than load up on yolks...and yup its
just 'fancy' toad in a hole.

These orchiette, I might have mentioned, are made
from wild chicken mushrooms, olive oil and



The pup - banana - a cousin and an aunt.

things got out of control at 89 mercer

kid and all

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Got Salt?

We went to Inoteca today. HATED it. The only good thing was the suppli (risoto ball) appetizer. Everything else was too salty and just not that great. I fail to see or in this case taste what the hype is all about. The paninis were second rate the tramezzini that my son had was smaller than a sample, the baby octopus that I had was over salty and over done. The chicken was cooked perfectly with crispy skin and all but over salty and although the bruschette were tasty it seems a little excessive to charge 3 bucks for a slice of toast.

Friday, October 26, 2007


A little book for you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

and frightened miss muffet away.

Monday, October 22, 2007

once upon a time

Friday, October 19, 2007


You can have any kind of oil now; grapeseed, walnut, truffle, avocado - it seems like the list goes on and on and it only circles back to start over again, but what do you you cook with? Depending on what you are trying to do oils can enhance that situation. Chips. we made chips and we used canola oil then corn oil and found vegetable oil to be the cleanest heat resistant oil to go with. ( I have used peanut oil before but too many have allergies and even though peanut oil can heat the highest it has a bad rap)

Isnt rap like your criminal record and rep like your street cred?

Yucca chips

peel, slice, soak and fry.

Voila, chips.

Seasoned with your choice:

drizzle with your favorite flavored oil

sea salt or kosher salt

various vinegars

any seasoned salt available or any of
those powdered packaged flavors
for tacos or salad
ranch or buffalo -for example.

parmesean or any other dry grateable cheese.

nutritional yeast or brewers yeast

invent your own.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I said Great!

As it turns out its called "American Womens Cookbook" It started off in like 1938 and this beat up copy is from 1956. I dont know how much or if anything changed between printings but it was printed for almost 20 years. This is a 'how to' book if it isnt anything else, come on it has the coolest thumb tabs.

You are immediatly welcomed by an oppulent photograph of some fondants or petit fours or what kind of sweet thing, on the inside cover.

after you thumb through a bit you start finding things like this.

Keep on flipping and you might find this.

The fried delight on the left top is a carrot. (sorry blurry, in
fact all are blurry so sorry for all but I like do one or two
offs and if it isnt right I move on)

I dont even know whats on this page but I will post the
reindeer one now....can you believe it reindeer...warning-
its bllllurrrry.

But not before a meat check.

All on point. ready Reindeer. This alone could turn
me into a vegetarian...but it wont.

blurry..but reindeer...come on american women
what is going on here?

life with out a maid

I guess thats just the icing on the cake.

And merrily we roll along, roll along, roll along.

Monday, October 15, 2007


This is bananas backyard we've been here before remember?
We made shish-k-bobs and had a massive cheese board and drank 4 bottles of nice french wine that her cousin just brought from his trip to Lyon, but I was too busy to take photos until marshmallow time, all on a Monday night...ooooh weeee.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tan My My

The 'agitated' fish market. I went - again - this morning to get more Tilapia and some wild Louisiana shrimp, they werent agitated today mostly because I helped myself and left them to tend to the other customers.

Not much to look at from the sidewalk.

Crabs and other shelled items.

Fish steaks.

The shrimp selection.

Whole fish and whole red fish.

Partial look of the filet selection - highlighting the super cheap Tilapia.

The LARGE fish.

Mussels, clams and oysters.

Squids and other undefinables.

This is just the fresh fish section, there is also a frozen section with crab legs and whatever else is frozen, and a complete butcher shop with butchers showcasing beef, pork and poultry. There is a dumpling lady offering samples of dumplings and a sushi guy (he's new) and wrapping around the outside is fresh produce. So 5 pounds of shrimp and 4 pounds of tilapia later its on the blog.
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