Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Leeks and potatoes and zuchinni with some nori on top. Easy to make and vegetarian. From start to finish the whole thing was done in under an hour and that included shopping and chopping. Leeks are not cheap, they are like $2.99 per pound, you can get meat cheaper than that. The nori is a special treat for my kid he loves it. He likes to pull sheets right out of the package and munch em down.


Michelle said...

Oh my, looks really yummy! Of course, the only thing I've ever seen you post that looked less than appealing was the fish head.

buffalodick said...

My youngest son growing up had a Korean friend whose parents owned a restaurant. Got him hooked on nori as a snack too.

Angel said...

what's nori? the potatoes and leeks look yummy....I agree with fish head but everything else is a go!!!

So can I hire you or something? ;)

Christo Gonzales said...

nori is what they wrap around sushi..there is also kombu, hijiki, dulce,and then a seaweed derivative called agar agar.

pinknest said...

mmmm...nori. yum. and how great your kid loves it, too!

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