Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Migrating Feast Tacos and New Mexico in Pictures From The Summer of 2012

I went on a little trip with my son to New Mexico in August and it was great fun to be home and see my family and large extended family and take in all the beauty that the wonderful Land of Enchantment has to offer. Two of the greatest perks on this trip were: Being asked by Farm & Table, one of the, if not the - hottest restaurant in Albuquerque - to be a guest chef on one of their closed nights to help create a $95 per person 8 course tasting menu for 60 distinguished guests including local and popular artists, business people and the Mayor of Albuquerque.
I made an apple pie tamale for dessert. Talk about hitting it out of the ballpark!
I also made a little tart. I am trying to track down the menu I cant find in all my piles of paper but when I do I will append this post.
The event at Farm & Table was an enormous success and I hope to do it again if not at this restaurant hopefully others.
Another perk of this trip was I also got a chance to shoot a segment for Migrating Feast. This is the second thing I have done for this series and I see more in the future.

Each and everything I do with Migrating Feast is something that I am proud of.
The best perk of all was being able to take my son around and do some of the things that I loved to do when I was a kid growing up in New Mexico. We walked around in my field (I own a house there on 5 acres) the ditches, and my parents back yard and we shot the BB gun and the bow and arrows. Huge fun.
We also saw many things. I want to show my son where I am from since he is being brought up in New York City its important for him to know about his heritage.
So once again my batteries get charged from the bright New Mexico sun and and all the delicious chile and I am ready to face the world head on again. I hope you enjoyed this photo vacation.
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