Tuesday, June 28, 2005

7 Hours Later

What I was trying to remember was staring me in the face all day. Earlier I had written that I was trying to remember some social commentary I was allegedly going to make. Well maybe it is and maybe it isnt but this is it. I have been carefully attending my window boxes so that I can create some flora. I make compost all winter and I tend these little window boxes like they were 40 acres each, carelully turning over the soil and allowing the mulch to ferment eager for the time that I can plant. I dont need to plant though because I eat a lot of vegetative products that contain seeds, and these seeds land in the compost. After what seems to be perfect germination these seeds grow into plants like I have my own personal little nusery and this variety is as vast as beans to corn to squash to tomatoes and back and then the morning glory that I saved from my real garden on 6th street. Anyway my windows are filled with these wonderful plants and that is what brings me to my little commentary. I look up in NYC all the time, I look up and see window after window after window and my windows in my apartment are no different- in fact, from the street, you can hardly even see my plants since each window is a little tile, a little rectangle or whatever shape it is just darkly posing against its buildings side - cold, impersonal and quiet. But from the inside, my windows are my world. I see the tiniest of blossoms on the bean plants (stalks if you desire) and I see the little toys I have placed in the dirt in the boxes to accentuate the landscape. These windows paint the rosy glow that I see every day -from my windows I am given peace. Each persons window should paint themselves that same rosy glow.


I was lazy yesterday and did not post anything original of my own, instead I posted blog links to blogs I found interestng. Today I will make a feeble attempt to be original. Summer is now here for NY school kids and the pools are open. NYC can be nice if you accept the fact that it is NYC. There was something on my mind last night and now I cannot remember what it is so I figure if I type enough it will come to me. Well la ti da it is not coming to me and it is bothering me because I was going to make some social commentary. I will let it rest for now and perhaps as the day goes I will remember.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Secret Place

she said...
"you don't know"
then when we got
to the secret place
she didn't know
we were there
as she said
"this is the place I always come to"
so...we walked
talked and looked
things were

words to live by

forgiveness is the scent left by the flower
on the foot that has crushed it.
trust is the scar left by the knife
on the heart that entrusted.
faith is the lasting act of accepting the unknown
over that that is known.
and to be trespassed against and to still erect no fences
is the ultimate home.
CG 3[2002]


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Friday, June 17, 2005

The News

It is amazing to me the things I read in the news, like sexual predators will now be denied viagra, what the hell? I am in awe over the extreme stupidity of our nation and its leaders.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Coney Island

Went to Coney Island on Saturday and the area that I like to go to, just down from the baseball stadium, used to be great. There were less people and no lifeguards. Now there are no lifeguards but the area is roped off since there are no lifeguards and you can not swim there...there are lifeguard chairs but no guards sitting in them. This is going to suck.

Friday, June 10, 2005


New York is miserable. The heat the humidity, the silly fashionistas. It rained this morning and I thought for sure that it would break this heat wave but it did not, it is still muggy as ever. I read a funny blog yesterday by a girl in California, she was describing some first date she never went on and the whole thing gave me a giggle. You know I complain about New York a lot but I am still here, if I hate it so much I should leave, that would be the advice I would give anyone yet not the advice I follow myself. It is futile. I went on a drive with Matt yesterday in a brand new Volvo, it was nice, this car has power. We got lost in White Plains and then found ourselves crossing the Whitestone bridge ending up on the "other" side of Rikers Island. All in all it was a nice two hours. Well I should be doing some things around the house but I am not.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

10 days in New Mexico

We made some delicious fresh goat cheese. We got up with the sun every day. We had a wonderful time.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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Eating Grain

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I took a nursing pre assesment test so that I could enroll in an LPN program and I did not pass the math portion so now I am incredibly bummed out.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


These were taken on one of the many snow days we had this winter but I only just had them developed a week ago.

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