Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tasty Summer Drink

That first batch of ginger beer came out real nice. I borrowed this photo from the site that I got the recipes from, if you click the title above it will take you there and you can learn how to make some yourself. It is crisp and bubbly with a nice strong ginger and lime flavor, the alcohol content was low, less than 1%, so kids could drink it and it was homemade. This type of beverage is not intended to be an alcohol libation. I have since made more and as of today I am making my most "gingery" one of them all, I hope this has a lot of bite. I am also making a "mead" type beverage that will sit for a couple of months to ferment, this one should pack a punch.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ginger Beer

These are two bottles of "brew" I am currently making. The one on the right is not creating as much pressure as the one on the left so I am going to stop its fermentation process and refrigerate it so I can test what it is doing. It should be sweet and gingery with no alcohol. The one on the left I am going to try and shelf it for a couple of months so that its alcohol content can increase....we will see.




Monday, July 11, 2005

Heat Index

It is supposed to be hotter than blazes today, and I believe it. My modem went out from Friday morning until Sunday and when I went to the cable place to replace it on Saturday I wasn't the only one. But I dont know if that fixed it or not since it still took another day for it to engage, my guess - not the modem. One of my planter boxes, the one in the front window, was blown off by the strong winds on Friday and I lost all of my lovely bean stalks. Not much to say right now I will check in later.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another angle of the "pointy thing"

This is one of the pointy things I found along the banks of the East River in Manhattan, I also found the same thing on the beach in Coney Island. What is it????


I forgot to snap some shots of the fireworks, I can see fireworks from both the front and the back windows in my apartment...oh well.

Some squash blossoms and some green beans that grew in my window boxes.

My side window with the squash plants
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