Monday, June 15, 2009

scalped? no, scallops!

something is haywire so I needed to put this back up.

Get ready for two days of scallops to come hitting you in the internet face. I picked up some 'bottom of the barrel' scallops the other day at 'bottom of the barrel' prices so I had some good ones to work with and then a bunch of raggedy pieces. The reason for the discount was the raggedy pieces but I didnt care one way or the other.

We went to a garden party in my 'hood'

and there were some people playing music. It was so peaceful I almost felt mellow.

A picnic was laid out,

a kid barbecue was started,

the banshees got to go crazy in a "lord of the flies' sort of way and all was good in the land of sweetness!

Back to the scallops. I made some fuffy basmati rice, a little browned butter with sage, some caramelized scallops, some pancetta, a little garnish and it was chow time.

If you are not bothered by its attractiveness then you should probably enjoy this tasty concoction.


Selba said...

Yay! Scallops!

What a nice garden party...

KennyT said...

The music makes the place more serene and peaceful!

Anonymous said...

Yum, caramelized scallops are my favorite! Curious - what is the spice sprinkled so prettily all over the plate?

Jenn said...

Dang I was about to buy some scallops the other day at the farmer's market. Now I wish I had.

Angie's Recieps said...

wow! pan-seared scallops!

Jamie said...

Oh, I adore scallops! Scallops are actually a local specialty and I ran out and bought a special scallop cookbook with scallop-only recipes from local chefs. And yet I haven't made scallops yet! Yours look so delicious! Mmmm I want them for lunch.

lk- Healthy Delicious said...

party looks fun! i love the little jam session.

scallops are scallops... even if they're in broken pieces they'll still taste delightful!

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