Saturday, June 06, 2009

ideas without repercusions

Never in my entire life have I had an idea that did not have repercussions. Pretty much every thing I have ever thought of both good and bad has had its repercussions, not to mention the things that I have done. Repercussions are a unique thing. Repercussions could be looked upon as karma. Karma is not something I readily believe in. Hence the on going dilemna. I have broken too many mirrors and walked under too many ladders to count all the black cats that have passed my way. I remain positive because positive is the only forward way to go. It is true that my version of positive or my forward may not agree in the general sense of those words but the overall 'gist' is still positive and forward. Lets gossip. As we go about our business we come across other business vendors or sometimes loose dealers that get agitated by your business as well as you becoming agitated by them, how do you deal?


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