Thursday, December 06, 2007

Goûter - To taste

A goûter (pronounced goo- tay) is the snack that all children in France have at 4pm. Believe it or not this is a very popular afternoon snack among French children, a chunk of baguette with a bar of chocolate in the middle! If that seems excessive, get hold of a jar of Nutella - chocolate spread - as a good alternative. Every single person in almost everywhere is familiar with Nutella.

Well since I had no chocolate and we are on a nutella break- and by the way I like my goûter with unsalted butter spread on the baguette first then the milk chocolate - I went for mexican cream and raspberry jam. I heat up the jam in the microwave for a couple seconds to loosen it up. "Alternatives include a cake from the local delicatessen, a biscuit, even fruit if you have compliant children." (the previous quote was brought to you by the food pyramid) As far as I can tell there is an alarm clock built in to the heads of children that rings at 4pm to remind them it is time for a goûter. Any other meal can be delayed indefinitely with no consequence but the danger of missing a goûter is simply not to be considered. Well it must be the same for little New York kids as well. You can see the 'flurry' in which this was prepared....hardly a clean presentation.


Angel said...

I love it when you introduce me to new things Dog...this looks good!

And Nutella! That's a big thing in Italy too, and when my daughter was in Kenya, she ate nutella every. day. for something sweet. she came home and had to buy some!!

Evalinn said...

Looks great! :-)

Anonymous said...


With a goûter like that.. no wonder les français eat so late in the evening... outch!

Nutella tastes sinfully delicious!

Lara Croft said...

Oooooooooooooo they look good, and to think i would come home from school and get crackers and cheese LOL

Determined said...

wow, that looks soooo good! Can I be a kid again?? :)

daphne said...

that's a great afternoon snack! haha..

Apparently Nutella recieved a "shonk award" in Australia for it being too high in sugar and fat.. but we all know how good it tastes.. ;p

your version looks lovely as well. YUM.

akakarma said...

I've got nutella in my cupboard!

pinknest said...

i LOVE this!!! i must get my gouter on.

Emily said...

I love Nutella. I even ordered a Nutella T-shirt, online.

buffalodick said...

No 4 o'clock snack when I was growing up! "You'll spoil your dinner!" (which was served at 530pm come Hell or high water!).
Nutella is the one that started in Italy, right?

urban vegan said...

I used to be a Nutella fiend before I went vegan. Happily I've found a vegan version (made in Europe) that, as a special added bonus, has no trans fats.

I sometimes eat it straight out of the jar, but I really adore it most on crepes.

Christo Gonzales said...

beth: no offense but its easy to introduce you to new things..and I do enjoy doing it.

Evalinn: tasty and toasty

Nancy: oui

LaraCroft:nothing wrong with crackers and cheese, what, no vegemite?

Solaris: sure just do it.

Daphne: "SHONK" award ...need to look that up

AKA: then crack out the bread, toast, pancake or whatever yoou like it on...try apple pieces

Pinknest: you must goûtes I would have thought that you would have already goûtant

Emiline: a nutella cool

Buffalo: bummer and I bet you were hungry again by 8pm..yup nutella is from an Italian company

Urban V: what is the name of this stuff..I want to try some?

Lara Croft said...

LOL vegemite was on my toast for breakfast.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Thanks...I just gained 5 pounds. Nutella is the devil! Damn that stuff is good!

It's 4 o'clock somewhere...

Mel said...

I never heard of this!! I would LOVE to try it, but I am slowly learning what I can and what I cant eat to keep my blood sugar down and French Bread is a big trigger. I imagine chocolate would be too LOL!

I have never tried nutella either LOL I am hopeless!

Anonymous said...

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