Saturday, December 01, 2007

like falling off a bridge

Nothing could be easier to make than a coconut macaroon, the recipe is on the bag of coconut and it is so simple, although I do alter it a bit. My big change - I beat the egg whites until stiff and then add it to the dry stuff. I think it makes a lighter cookie but I wouldn't know the difference because this is the only way I have done it. Oh plus I use less sugar since we dont eat too much of that and the coconut is sweetened anyway and I use vanilla flavor instead of almond since my vanilla is pure and the almond is an ester.

OK I dont do anything like the recipe but I do glance at it as a reference. Now there could be some debate over what is a Macaroon vs. a Macroon. From what I gather the Macroon does not have egg whites thus making the Macaroon part of the meringue family, but even this is debateable since some recipes call for egg whites and some for condensed milk, I say if you find one you like with ingredients you like then that is a good one and the one on the bag is perfect.

I did dip a few into an espresso dark chocolate that I concocted but the kid hated them and quite frankly so did I but I am sure without the espresso they would be great.


snowelf said...

That's okay. You guys just save the chocolate ones for me!! :)

(I know, I'm sorry--I took a mini break on accident)

MommaMonkey said...

Anything covered in chocolate can't be all that bad, now can it? I mean, they sell chocolate covered potato chips for cryin' out loud! (Now that sounds nasty.) Coconut macaroons in chocolate, that sounds yummy!

Lara Croft said...

speaking of chocolate covered I was at our city central markets Friday night and notice Chocolate covered Baklava, even my greek mate was confused. Her mum makes the best baklava but she has never covered them in chocolate lol

buffalodick said...

That's just spooky.... I bought a bag of coconut for the same purpose about a week ago- haven't made them yet! I'm planning on using a little cocktail cherry juice for color and flavor... If that chocolate would have made it taste like A Mounds candy bar- That's what I'd be doing!

Christo Gonzales said...

Snowelf: the coffee made the dark chocolate too bitter

Chels: fried pickles, chocolate covered potatos -whats next?

Laracroft: mmm baklava -its so rich already chocolate covered would be extreme eating!

BufalloD: Thats funny because I have had this bag about a week and kept procrastinating...cherry juice sounds great and milk chocolate would totally do the trick.

Mel said...

I dont even like coconut but those look good :)

Casdok said...

Cherry juice does sound good!

Angel said...

I've never had chocolate covered chips but I have had caramel covered pretzels and they. were. SSO. good!!!!! YUM!

These look good too...I like coconut.

akakarma said...

Macaroon or macroons- anything with coconut is great although my favorite cookie is Chocolate Oatmeal cookies. Eating them out of the pot is the best. You can add coconut to those too if you want!

Christo Gonzales said...

Mel: they are light and tasty

casdok: cherry juice does sound good so does mint and chocolate.

Beth: caramel pretzels, peanut butter pretzels, even chocolate pretzels sound tasty.

AKA: I love oatmeal raisin with nuts and chocolate chips..I guess its oatmeal 'deluxe'

buffalodick said...

On the oatmeal cookie- Chocolate chips and dried cherries is my favorite!

pinknest said...

oooh coconut macaroons! haven't made these in awhile. frankly, i love most coconut desserts.

Maddy said...

Dipped in chocolate perhaps?

daphne said...

hmm.. i'm not a big fan of macaroons for some reason.. just don't like the texture.. hmm.. but then again, if it is covered in chocolate... mmm.. i might change my mind.

Christo Gonzales said...

Buffalo: ahhh oatmeal it seems so ...accepting

Pinknest: I just love coconut..plain..with lime..however

Maddy: dipped in white chocolate perhaps

Daphne: its just a spongy cookie..wait did I say the wrong thing?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why.. but my grandmother used to make these only at Xmas.. with a little piece of cherry in the middle... go figure!

Maybe that's why I used to lurrrrrrrrrrrve them! ;-)

snowelf said...

Nothin' a little powdered sugar won't fix! ;)


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