Monday, December 03, 2007

fry baby

The lure the draw the pull of hot oil is more than I can resist. I need to fry and why not its good. My excuse in the summer is that it is good for my skin since the sun and saltwater dry it out. My excuse for the winter is its good for my skin since the wind and cold dry it out. See I am covered as long as there is weather I will fry. I used to use shortening thinking it made a crisper crust and it drained faster but I was wrong it just cooled and left a film. I have been using oil now for quite some time and nothing is greasy, there is no film and it is not hydrogenated, it is healthier. So with my good health in mind it was time for some onion rings. I get what ever large onions I have and cut them thick into rings and dredge them in seasoned flour, you can use old bay or your favorite chili powder or curry, or just good ol' salt and pepper but dont salt the unfloured onions or they will sweat and sweating is not good for frying. Fully dusted they then get sloshed around in some beaten egg and then back into the flour sometimes I will repeat this step if I want a crustier crust. Shimmy off the excess and dip into 325 degree oil, turn them once, drain, salt while hot and eat.

Voila - onion rings. And now the kid likes em' too, its funny to watch evolution take place. He doesnt like onions but he likes onion rings????


Angel said...


I have been CRAVING these!!! And now you have a big 'ole picture of frying is GOOD for you, huh? I'll have to remember I ogtta go make some onion rings...thanks alot Dog!

Jason said...

Ahhh...takes me back a few years ago when my roomie and I would go get all the vidalias, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, and broccoli we could find, slice 'em up, dip them in either beer batter or tempura or make up a spiced batter, and deep fry a huge dinner.

daphne said...

oh goodness me! I love a good onion ring! Not many good one around I have to say. That is so tempting!

Emily said...

Hey, fry at the right temperature, and it's actually not that bad for you.
I loooooooove onion rings. LOVE THEM.

MommaMonkey said...

Yum! I ate onion rings before I ate onions too. Give it a few more years, his tastebuds will change.

When you are going to fry a pickle? I'm telling you, once you've had a good one, you'll want more and more. :)

buffalodick said...

They look excellent! I love 'em more than they love me, but I'll get them at any restaurant that makes good ones! Your son is normal in my book, I like sauteed or deep fried onions, but don't care for raw ones that much...

tavolini said...

my parents are the same way--will eat onion rings all day long, but won't TOUCH onions otherwise....odd.

Those look fantastic--I just drooled on my keyboard.

Diva said...

Perfecto! Funny how kiddies won't even consider eating somethings, but transform it into deep fried beauty and they'll scarf it right down.

I wish my onion rings would come out well... I'll try the right temperature and hope for the best.

Christo Gonzales said...

Beth: Now I am craving hem again

Jason: a fry fest....yum

Daphne: crunchy and tasty

Emiline: they are like french fries exotic cousin

Chels: I am going to fry pickles this week and I will post a bout it.

Crescenet: bon giorno..spammer whoops thats italian...anyone speak portuguese?

Buffalo: I like the breaded ones too that some places sell

Tavolini: your parents? thats funny

Divalicious: I find temperatures between 325 and 365 work best

Diva said...

That explains my tendency to scorch. Hello 375 is apparently way too hot.

Gracias for the tip.

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