Wednesday, January 28, 2009

too late now
Go check out these two videos if you want. I dont know why I didnt tell everyone to begin with. I had a girlfriend that once told me 'you can sell more cats if you stand on a hill and yell than if you holler in a well' I seem to keep on hollerin' in that well.

Dunceness seems to prevail - looks like I never had plan b.

Maybe next time


Selba said...

Hahaha... the expression of the man is so funny! :D

Harmony said...

The second video is my could SO be The Next Food Network Star!! You're addictive!!! LOVE IT!

Harmony said...

oh...and How late is too late?

Just telling it like it is said...

Funny...I always get a smile when I visit your blog!

Anette said...

That man has a true tittylip on! What is it with the hat? Is it about being punished or sat in the naughty corner?
I seem to remember that a put a coment on that food network springroll video earlier, but I couldn't see it underneath. The rolls still look elegant, yet easy going. Thats what I like

Jeanne said...

If you need someone to vouch for your addictiveness, let me know -- I read every post, and I don't even cook!

ap said...

Yeah, how late does it get when another idea becomes a plan B?

Micky-T said...

Was great to watch you put those rolls together, I vote for you.

Beth said...

ya, the Food Network sucks big time...they NEED you Dog!!!!! N.E.E.D. You!!!

And Andrew Zimmerman or whatever his name is, you need to go to some far off country and eat rotten shark that's been hanging outside in the bugs for months...that guy is NUTS!!!

doggybloggy said...

selba: he looks dejected huh?

harmony: thanks, and I think they have made their selections already

just telling: thank-you

anette: since your comment was first it advanced down the page never to be seen again...a dunce cap is a school thing from long ago for discipline..I dont know if it ever worked

jeanne: thanks for your kind words

ap: whats worse is when plan b is now the new plan a

micky t: thanks buddy I appreciate that

beth: I need to send you and the tranny dust over there to let them know, I bet the two of you together could make them listen

Tanya Kristine said...

crap. can't see the videos at work.

Mo Diva said...


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