Saturday, January 24, 2009


I opened my mailbox today and what did I see, a package from foodbuzz and that can only mean one thing - swag. I knew I scored something and I couldnt wait to see what it was. You know foodbuzz its that online food community I talk about every now and again, well this food community is world wide so it is a far reaching community to say the least. foodbuzz has partnered up with Quaker to test drive some new granola bars they have coming out and since I am in the Tastemaster Program I get to be one of the drivers.
True Delights - Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut
True Delights - Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond
True Delights - Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry

Quaker True Delights are exactly that, a true delight, you can forget what you knew about granola bars these bars are a cut above, visit the website they invite you to be delighted and they will send you a sample, visit them on foodbuzz and become a fan.

If you want a complete play by play of the flavor profiles The Last Bite does a great job delivering.


Hornsfan said...

So excited - I just found the same package in my mailbox.....darn shame I checked it right after dinner so I'm pretty well full but these look like a great granola bar!

Chef E said...

Hmmmm, looks good, I will trade you my candy for yours, lol

Dana said...

hanks for the link for the free sample! I'm always looking for snack ideas for kidlet that offer at least some nutritional value!

buffalodick said...

They look pretty good!

Harmony said...

These look great, thanks for the heads up!

Beth said...

mmmm, that first one looks like Da Bomb!!!!! YUM!

doggybloggy said...

hornsfan: I liked them...and you?

chef e: shhh your gonna blow our cover..

dana: these are as good as if I made them myself...seriously

buff: good sweet to salty ratio..

harmony: send for a sample and let me know

beth: banana, coconut AND macadamia - what is this Buckingham Palace?

Michelle said...

I'm so embarrassed. I still have to write my review of these Quaker bad boys. Hopefully tonight!

sue said...


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