Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gotta Feed The Kid™ - You Keep Seeing This - I know!

Gotta Feed The Kid™ 
is a little project I am working on - and I admit I am moving pretty slow. I did secure the URL and I have bounced the idea around with a few "people" to enthusiastic responses but like I said I am moving pretty slow. 
You might have noticed me mentioning it a lot on my FaceBook Page - that is about as far as I have come with this and I am hoping to kick start it a little more.
Today was a simple lunch of pulled pork I made in my Char-Broil Big Easy . Trouble free cooking. 
I made a simple yellow mustard with agave, lemon juice and white vinegar "bbq sauce" to go with these sandwiches. Delicious.

One of the most popular and frequent dishes is what we call "Food Truck Chicken" and this is based off this little to go platter that my son likes to get just outside his school from a Halal Food Truck. There is a Mosque just up the block so this food truck is strategically placed.

My son is also my food tester so he gets to eat a lot of pretty food too.
I am hoping to find the time to commit to this project with all the attention it deserves and I hope that by posting this publicly I will - wish me luck.

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I wish you the best and I know it will be successful. Suerte amigo

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