Saturday, April 12, 2014

Catch Of The Day And A Little Plating Fun

No surf and turf here - this is all surf baby unless you count the potatoes and veggies as turf. Lately I have been experimenting with newer techniques to me and also trying to visualize plates differently than what is commonly seen. 

Experimenting with the techniques is the easy part but putting it on a plate is not.

I have a small assortment of fish here, I have a flounder roulade, a grilled salmon and a sesame crusted cod all cooked to their most juicy perfection.

My vegetables are green beans, a colorful carrot medley and both yukon gold and purple potatoes cooked in avocado oil with rosemary.

I plated everything up and garnished it with a little kiwi coulis and some sprigs of baby cilantro.

Simple foods cooked simply and plated elegantly can make all the difference in the world. Cooking With Color - I am certain it enhances the flavor.


Unknown said...

Delicious looking! said...

I just want to taste that cod and the plaiting is a work of art. Photo to canvas.

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