Monday, March 19, 2012

Use your Grill Like a Condiment - it Adds Layers and Layers of Flavor!

This is a post I did for Char-Broil that first appeared here November 16, 2011.

For me the best tasting things have layers and layers of flavors and I am not talking about a muddled jumble of tastes I am talking about clean and distinct flavors. One way to add one more layer of flavor is with your grill. Yes thats right your grill. Who can deny that unique smokiness adds an element that cant be beat.

Faced with some big fat duck breasts and my need for flavor I instantly knew the grill was going enhance my final dish. Once the fat from these breasts hits the grill and that smoky sizzle starts to happen you are already on the flavor train.

Nicely seared duck breasts then get roasted until they reach an internal temp of 120 degrees F allowed to rest then they are chopped up, fat and all and placed into a terrine to simmer in a water bath for another 45 minutes.
After their little cooking water bath they are allowed to cool then I added a bit of gelatine and they are cooled over night, when they are done they look like this.

At this point you can use the duck terrine as an appetizer.

Or you can make larger portions and serve it as a salad or a first course. Whats my point here? My point is the next time you want to add a little more flavor with out adding more seasonings think of your grill, you have a huge and distinct flavor profile waiting to grace your dishes - even dishes that dont seem like BBQ, not one little bit.


vanillasugarblog said...

yes! i could not agree more.
i mean grilled pineapple is amazing

Maureen said...

I think all Australians are tied at the hip to their bbqs. :)

Marjie said...

Ah, but you know I don't like black lines on my food. Still, grilling duck seems like a great way to burn off all the fat while adding flavor!

Pam said...

They look great and I'm just sad they weren't on my grill...

Jamie said...

Stunning! Beef prepared and sold this way is popular here in France but I've never seen duck prepared like this and I love it! Absolutely beautiful! And I'd love to taste!

Primlani Kitchen said...

The duck preparation is right up my taste buds. Adding layers of flavors is sublime to say the very least. I will definitely make this dish SOON. Thanks Chef!!

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