Sunday, March 18, 2012

Product Review: A while back I received a faucet

How many are you are familiar with the online shop(s) on Wayfair? Well if you are not then you need to be. They have everything and a little bit more.

Back around December or so I picked out a Moen Faucet from their huge selection. I chose this faucet because it fit in my price range and it was big enough and small enough for my New York City kitchen.

I have been waiting to review it till I had a chance to really use it and I can tell you now, I have had that chance. I love this faucet.

It has a retractable hose, nozzle, sprayer and that feature alone was and is the major selling point. I used to have an antique and tall arching faucet so that I could fill large pots, well with the retractable nozzle I can fill up buckets on the floor if I need to! Don't hesitate to check out the site, Wayfair has a lot to offer.


Barbara said...

Wayfair is wonderful. I bought my favorite champagne glasses there.

Marjie said...

I had a friend with a faucet like that a decade or 2 back. His kids stretched it out so it wouldn't quite retract all the way. It was a little strange. But it surely does seem very useful!

And welcome back; I've missed you!

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