Monday, October 20, 2008

aint no chicken of the sea

Whomever can name the items pictured in this post will not win a dang thing! Thats right no prize what-so-ever save for the satisfaction that you can say you are smart, and smart goes way further than some candy bars and a placemat. First off the rules: 1. No rules. 2. Use google till your hearts content. Some are easy and some are not but do be specific, for example 'chile' would be incorrect as I would like to know the type of chile.

Lets get started:







Good luck, and this last one is the hardest so there may be something for the person or persons who can figure this one out.


Kitt said...

I see serranos and poblanos and cactus paddles, but I'm not sure about the first item (looks like potatoes, but not?) and I'm very curious about the last.

Jason said...

First one is prickly pears.

Angel said...

looks like a bunch of crap from a farmers market? do I win?

snugs said...

I do not do test well, I was blonde in a previous life and do NOT do tests...with that being said, I see cactus fruit,serranos, poblanos,nopalitos and is it chick peas?

snowelf said...

oh boy, Ha! I'm out.
But I bet I would eat every one of them no matter what they were in!! :)


tavolini said...

1. Prickly Pears
2. Jalapenos
3. Serranos
4. Nopales
5. Poblanos
6. Looks like locust seeds

the prickly pears are in season here, too :)

Christo Gonzales said...

kitt: cactus paddles, thats a new version but all in all you are right in the ones you answered

jason: thats correct

beth: cheater, you got them all right

snugs: all correct except the last one and you missed a chile

snow: I bet you could too...

Tavolini: 99% and since you are so damn close on the locust I am going to spoil it for any one that answers next.... Acacia Pods - popular in Thai cooking.

buffalodick said...

1. prickly pear
2. red(or ripe) jalepeno peppers
3. Serrano peppers
4. cactus
5. Poblano peppers
6. Locust tree pods??

Christo Gonzales said...

buffalo: tied with tavolini and since they are so similar looking to locust seed pods its almost a gimme - but do people eat locust seed pods?

buffalodick said...

Tavolini works at a library- no fair!

Marjie said...

Colorful, but I only recognized the cactus. Can't say I'd eat them? I'm afraid of unfamiliar food.

The Blonde Duck said...

4 is a prickly pear!

snugs said...

so I forgot to list the jalepano...buggers..

Christo Gonzales said...

buff: I told you that you could google but if you want to go all the way the library, go for it

marjie: its only unfamiliar until you taste it and say 'wow that tastes just like chicken' or whatever

TBD: that is correct- nopalitos or nopales to be exact

snugs: jalepano or japalenos...huh?

Christo Gonzales said...

oh and the reason I labeled this post as "aint no chicken of the sea" is because the cactus fruits, the prickly pears are called -tuna- in spanish, and this genus of cactus is the opitunia....and there you go.

CreativeMish said...

I know the Prickly pear, the Jalapheno the cactus .. what do you do with the locust seed? I have a pizza post tommorrow!

Stacey Snacks said...

Without cheating, I only knew the prickly pear paddles.

I guess I need to open up my horizons a bit more in the cooking world! Suburbia will do me in for sure.

Anonymous said...

1. Prickly Pears
2. Red Jalapenos
3. Serranos
4. Nopales
5. Poblanos
6. Acacia Pods

Do i win a free meal at Spice Market, damned! Sorry i missed all the fun. I heard you had a good time.

tavolini said...

Damn, Zen got it all (do you think he looked at the comments?)

Buffalo--I'm thinking we both guessed locust because there are a lot of locust trees in Michigan :) And no--I don't think anyone eats them other than birds. And perhaps Christo.

Mandi said...

Fun, Interesting and always informative - thanx Christo

Christo Gonzales said...

michelle: let me check out those pizzas and as for locust seeds - who knows?

stacey snacks: its a big culinary world out there...

zen chef: you crafty one you - I was hoping you were going to be there...

tavolini: tough call on Zen - chances are pretty good he knew....

mandi: just doing my part...LOL

Harmony said...

Dang it...I missed out on all the fun..but I will admit that I wouldn't have won this. Hopefully I will be around early enough next time you do something like this.

Lo said...

Acacia pods! That's it. That was stumping me. They do look a bit like locust pods -- though maybe a bit smaller.

Also -- I spy a renegade jalapeno cavorting with those serranos :) Do I get extra credit?

Goat Yoda said...

Depends on what locust- if it is honey locust, OMG those are soooo sweet and tasty!

Chef E said...

I would answer them all, seems like others would feel it is cheating me being a chef and from Texas, but of course I should know...and do :) so I will not show know me now DogB...

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