Sunday, February 01, 2009

Gimme' a "G"

nocchi is always the first thing that pops into my head when I think Superbowl Sunday, and why not they are shaped like a football, they have faux threading that looks like a footballs laces and they totally score points.

Scoring big is the name of the game and the one with the most points wins, so if you want to split the uprights then serve up some of this game day lasagna. Pass the pasta will be the big play of the day. Pumpkin pasta sheets with six cheeses and a pumpkin puree will turn everyone into a cheerleader, plus the plate floats in mid air!

Points, its all about points, extra points, sudden death points and toast points but these toast points are the hail mary of all toast points.

ou'll be a bigger star than Doug Flutie, with this slant on the toast point.

Baked not fried, puff pastry not toast, with a gingery shrimp paste that will definitely get you into the end zone.

The losers wont be upset when you give them the finger.

Or maybe they give you the finger, chicken fried steak fingers that is.

These fingers are gonna give you a hand to make a pass with out being off sides, in fact they are so tasty you might just find yourself roughing the passer.

However you play the game, whether its from the couch or the armchair, you cant help but feel like a winner when you get back to officiating and coaching from the safety of your seat with a big ol' paper plate full of these lil' bad boys. Enjoy the game, eat with your hands and remember to drink responsibly, whatever that means - I guess it means -dont get any on your clothes!
Fritos, bring em' if you got em'.

Shrimp Toast on Foodista


Anette said...

You seem to have a great time!! I'm not in to the sports, but I would love to take part in the feast!

snugs said...

I wanna watch the game at your house! Actually I only watch the commercials..

Christo Gonzales said...

anette: I am not into sports that much but it is such a popular game day it is hard not to be involved

snugs: you better not sit in my chair.....LOL

Maggie said...

The shrimp puff pastry toasts sound awesome.

deb said...

I did not even get near the channel. I'm watching 30 rock dvd's and Gilmore Girls.

Pumpkin lasagna. WOW. Please send recipe.

It all looks fabby!

Anonymous said...

And after all that, not one single Frito passed my lips....., but there is a 2nd place 10K medal!!! and all kinds of photo opps!

Harmony said...

What a great line up....sure beats the pizza my husband ordered for the big game.

buffalodick said...

That was quite a pile of Super Bowl snacks!

tavolini said...

Chicken fried steak fingers?!! How awesome :) I'd definitely try the shrimp pastry puffs, too. Nice presentation!

Angel said...

damn Dog!!!!

Mo Diva said...

Shoulda went to Dog's House for the superbowl party!
Love your presentations! and pics!

Tanya Kristine said...

i LOVE gnocchi.

The Duo Dishes said...

Wow! What a great spread that would be for a sports watching event. We'd spend the entire time eating!

Anonymous said...

That's quite a spread! Pass the shrimp puff pastry toasts first, and the gnocchi, and the lasagna, and the chicken fingers.

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