Wednesday, January 09, 2008

15 days

You must be getting tired of New Mexico by now. I will try and mix it up a bit with some NYC thrown in so we can all keep a perspective, but not today.

This is one of my oldest friends. We have known each other since we were 17-18 years old. He has lived in France, Miami and now Tennesse. He is from New Mexico like me. This is his youngest daughter who got along with my boy beautifully.

Check my YouTube to see some video of this snake.

They got their 5 days after us so we hung out a lot.

You can haul ass in NM.


Mel said...

I love the NM Pics, I never tire of pics :)

Some house in the picture below this post!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I agree....not tired of NM yet. But snakes...yikes.

akakarma said...

I'm enjoying the heck out of it!

tavolini said...

I'm not tired of NM pics either--especially ones with snakes and dinosaurs--very cool!

pinknest said...

so blue!

HAR said...

The colors are great.

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