Friday, October 19, 2007


You can have any kind of oil now; grapeseed, walnut, truffle, avocado - it seems like the list goes on and on and it only circles back to start over again, but what do you you cook with? Depending on what you are trying to do oils can enhance that situation. Chips. we made chips and we used canola oil then corn oil and found vegetable oil to be the cleanest heat resistant oil to go with. ( I have used peanut oil before but too many have allergies and even though peanut oil can heat the highest it has a bad rap)

Isnt rap like your criminal record and rep like your street cred?

Yucca chips

peel, slice, soak and fry.

Voila, chips.

Seasoned with your choice:

drizzle with your favorite flavored oil

sea salt or kosher salt

various vinegars

any seasoned salt available or any of
those powdered packaged flavors
for tacos or salad
ranch or buffalo -for example.

parmesean or any other dry grateable cheese.

nutritional yeast or brewers yeast

invent your own.


Little Wing said...

What do I cook with????!!!!
I order out, Bwahahahaha!

Christo Gonzales said...

no problem there...only wish is that I were near by so youj could order these sweet boys.

Little Wing said...

Those pictures look like what we call sweet potatoes and yams.
One has a yellow inside, one is orange, and I love them both, baked or mashed.
I actually am a pretty good cook!

Lara Croft said...

What is the wrong oil to fry with, olive oil etc?

Christo Gonzales said...

LW: half right...the small one is an orange centered yam or sweet potato the other is a yucca with a white center.

LC: olive oil would be ok it just cant handle super high heat...I guess there really isnt a 'wrong'oil

Angel said...

yum....I wanna eat at your house sooo bad!!!

MommaMonkey said...

Those look so good right now. (I'm starving) I love a good chip.

Gina said...

Your blog always makes me hungry....when I come to Manhatten will you cook for me?....LOL>LOL>


buffalodick said...

That looked really cool! Home made has got to kick butt over the store bought ones I had once... Oils? I use about three different olive oils, peanut oil, canola, and vegetable oil depending on the dish..

Christo Gonzales said...

Beth: just let me know

ChelsPJ: crunchy, thick and tasty.

Gina: how bout when we go to where you are I will cook for you then too...we like getting out of the city.

Buffalo: a good oil selection is important almost nearly as important as good knives.

Vi said...

Hi there, I see you read little wing. You may be interested on reading my latest post I've just dedicated to her.

Little Wing said...

Thank you Vi. You have upped my readership by soooooo many!
Doggy, does nudity offend you?????

pinknest said...

what fun! you made potato chips!! gimme.

FHB said...

Mmmm, chips.

snowelf said...

Oh! I want some Yucca Chips!!
Doggybloggy, your blog is delicious!


Real Live Lesbian said...

Yum!!!! My best buddy just brought home a load of sweet potatoes to make chips last week. They are the BEST!!!!

Lucky for whoever lives with you!

JerBear said...

And me with a brand new proffesional Madoline.

This weekend I get to break it in. Thinly sliced onions for a sandwich, thick slices for Onion Rings(just got to find a Batter Recipe). A frittata is on my wish list for Sunday Brunch.


Christo Gonzales said...

lovin' the jergear...whoops a slip i MEANT some mandoline techniques...I am curious to others effects.

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