Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dead Neon

Thick blinding snow, winding dark road, u turn, other vehicle without lights on and *S M A C K* the neon is history. I crashed my 97 neon today and broke the drivers side front wheel completely off...fortunately no one was hurt. This car is made out of foil and stale bread so it crumpled so easy, I am glad the guy did not hit my door or I would have been in serious pain. I have not been happy with this car since I bought it in November it has been a total lemon and now it is dead. At least I still have the Volvo. I have an old silver 83 240 gl and it is great.


A Girl From Texas said...

I'm sorry to hear about your accident.

A colleague in our office had a car accident yesterday. He did close to 14K in damage. He's ok, too. Just a little shaken up.

So, are you going to replace your neon?

Royce said...

DUDE, glad to hear everybody is ok. Accidents suck, maybe insurence will cut you a big fat check though.

Royce said...

By the way, I am trying to loose weight. I already waddle..LOL...too much fat on my frame.
( guess it is all the hollindase sauce )

Anonymous said...

i love the volvo...that is a pimp ride in europe! so get in and turn on some stones and never look back!

A Girl From Texas said...

Did you ever get a response to the message you found in the bottle?

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