Sunday, March 30, 2008


I told you before and I'll tell you again - its smothered! In spanish its "con puesta" which means "with stuff you put on it" and its typically not an option. The options are "red" or "green" and if you dont want it "wet" you freakishly announce ' chile on the side'

I do get cranky about chile, thats for sure. Imagine if I got all "professional" about sushi? I make great sushi, probably could win awards in far away places, but it isnt my cultural food. Sorry if I am coming across as a little bitter but I just finished watching Rachel Ray where she called an omelete, a "tapa" google it, translate it do what ever you need to do to find out she is wrong. My poor culture is getting 'micky deed'.


buffalodickdy said...

Rachael Ray and Paula Deen are the worst... Wolfgang Puck finishes third... That looked great- reminds me of a "Wet Burrito!"

doggybloggy said...

buff: you funny guy you...LOL

Dana said...

Rachael Ray is evil DB! I can't believe you allowed her on your television. Wet? Yes, definitely!

Anonymous said...

i probably should not admit this here but i do like rachael ray.. and reason being she was waitress and not a real chef, (just a foodie) for years and her personality and perseverence well it took her places. Same with Paula Deen her story is very relatable to single moms. As a former single mom and waitress of 21 years.. I have to defend these self made women. In addition, I have recipe that will be featured in Rachael Ray's Yum-0 Family cookbook due for release 4-29-08 created by my daughter and I.Profits her Non profit Yum-o oraganization. She is by far not a favorite cook of mine. But let's face it she's cute.

The wet burrito we have a great place here in Folsom California that makes a phenomonal wet burrito,Taco Loco and the margaritas will knock you to the floor so good.Get a cab. I have to get my fill at least once a month there. Yours look quite tasty. Happy Sunday

Beth said...

who the heck cares what Rachael Ray says or cooks? She drives me NUTS!!

I would love some of that picture...the more "smothered" or "wet" the better I always say....

pinknest said...

smothered, oh yes. i want to climb under that and wrap myself in it like a blanket. and then eat my way out.

Bina said...

Who DOESN'T like it wet?

Although I must admit, I have no idea what you are talking about, but I'll take it any way you want to make it!

Anette said...

who is she anyway... (remember I'm a foreign girl)

but the food? slurp and sniffle, has anyone got a paper towel for my nose?

doggybloggy said...

dana: she invades my TV

anon: I knew you would say something like this

beth: I dont care really but she is 'educating' people

pinknest: thats the best idea so far

bina: thats what I like about you

anette: food network person and this stuff does have sniffle power

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