Thursday, March 06, 2008

ooey gooey

All that cheese had to go somewhere and it did, mostly just disappearing in its warm and melty way. This is the stinky Tres creams or what looked like a boot-leg label to me. This bad kid was stank when I first bought it and its partner three weeks ago. I piled it onto the cheese selection because I had 'saved' this one in hopes that it would get better. Strong and impersonal this cheese evolved into full and strong character - its actually good especially drizzled with rich olive oil.


We went ahead and made pizzas. This is grilled onions and peppers and mushrooms on a tomato base with bufala and regular muzzerella topped with thin slices of sopressata.

taco time

Chicken liver fried chicken style with jalapeno on a flour tortilla.


Sweet and tangy goat cheese, skys the limit. This is good sweet or not.


buffalodickdy said...

I know I'd enjoy those chicken livers!

Dana said...

I *heart* chicken livers but am not "allowed" to cook them! The pizza looks fabulous!

TavoLini said...

ooooh pizza is my favorite food on earth, and that one looks delicious. would not have thought to put olive oil directly onto cheese, although they seem like bedfellows.

Looks good, doggy!

Michelle Ann said...

I think I can almost smell that first cheese!

pinknest said...

that's a nice hunk of jalapeno pepper there!!

Kitt said...

Mmmmm .... cheeeeeeeese. The stinkier the better. Your dishes look delicious!

(The first time I ate at Artisinal in NYC I was with a friend who has similar tastes. "Bring us stinky cheese!" we commanded, and oh my, was it wonderful, a whole plate full of the most redolent, flavorful cheeses imaginable. I highly recommend it.)

Anette said...

In Norway we have a cheese called "Gammal ost". translated it means it means "old cheese". That cheese is not for me... An old student friend of mine used to love it, she melted it in a pan and it smelled just Horrible! She sat there, using bread to scoop it up and it made her totally happy!

doggybloggy said...

Buff: sometimes simple is better

dana: not allowed...whew what does that mean

tavolini: the pizza was so rich, the carmelized onions took it over the top

michele ann: and you would be smelling correctly

pinknest: it had a good bite to it as well but it balanced nicely with the chicken liver

kitt: I need to check that place out..

anette: I would probably like gammal ost - melted and scooped with bread - cant go wrong there

Beth said...

OMG! THE PIZZA! does it get any better than that??!!!!

Kitt said...

If you make a reservation at Artisinal, ask if you can eat in the cheese cave. I had brunch in there once and it was heaven. Except for the security cameras so you can't steal the cheese. Darn.

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