Thursday, March 13, 2008

carne seca

All my life I have eaten dried meat. Since when I was a kid until now I heart dried meat. Sounds so funny to use modern vernacular to describe an age old situation. I like jerky. Fruit jerky or 'veggie' jerky or dried papaya. Well maybe not dried papaya so much but thats the general idea. Dried meat. My son wrote down that he wont eat 'dried meat' this year. So far so good, I have been giving him well salted raw pieces. We eat meat.
turkey jerky


buffalodickdy said...

I'm due to make a batch myself! Looked like good stuff..

Beth said...

i heart meat!!!! But then I read in "The Skinny Bitch in the Kitchen" that meat is just rotting animal carcass...sort of ruined it for me, ya know? But I still heart meat.

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