Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Break up soba noodles into a bowl

dirty finger nails and all.

Add a dollop of humous.

Ladle on broth, in this case its puree of collard greens. Gobble up cause you made it yourself.


daphne said...

hehe.. dirty finger nails huh.. might do their immune system good.

Dana said...

Dirty Fingernails = Happy Kid!

buffalodickdy said...

Very inventive!

Anette said...

Self made, is well made, I say!

snowelf said...

I am a weekend vegetarian too.
And I think I could make this!!! ;)

You're kiddo is so awesome, DoggyB. And I agree w/ Dana!! Dirty Fingernails=Happy kid. :D


Beth said...

hey, a boy who ISN'T dirty?...I worry about him. Boys are SUPPOSED to be dirty! Means they're out being boys!!

soup looks good....we have another chef in the making? ;)

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