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did I spell it right?

(its back in all its 'abstract' goodness)

So far we have have lefties acting like righties and so on and so forth. Fat people are -well-fat - and skinny people are well -skinny- cant take that away from no one. Same as fast versus slow. Point is you play the cards you've been dealt - no matter if you are fat and fast or thin and slow. People like to act and talk like its a tax thing or an education thing or even more funny - an economic thing - Believe me if you get your ass kicked then you got your ass kicked. Its interesting that people who 'work' for a living are the biggest complainers...try 'creating' see how hard that is. We NEED all of you people -people like, like Dana that feel superior and do some kind of 'work' that is 'superior' to the people that keep the airport clean more superior than the the rest of you "people" you are all perfectly good little office 'grunts' basic 'lowlifes' because you are below the college education of say- Dana I just make art and it does all right by me...... and I appreciate every single person I ever come across - slow like the slow child or quick witted like the neighbor. I think education comes from________fill in the blank.

this aint like the nirvana song - this is No apologies....I wasnt making any amends I just didnt want to participate....

I had removed this because I didnt want to get involved but since I am involved anyway(I never even commented on the original post - she sought me out) here it is....

Because it was deleted the comments went with it, these are the comments I had received before I took it down...

SolarisGal has left a new comment on your post "bisguits":

eh..did I miss something? lolol Why do I feel as if I'm a day late and a dollar short?!

Mandi has left a new comment on your post "bisguits":, love and family.......I read the comments on that blog and I have to say I do not intend on reading that crap ever again.....

buffalodickdy has left a new comment on your post "bisguits":

Well, let's just say it was a spirited debate...

Anette has left a new comment on your post "bisguits":

Happines is a strange thing, and thinking one knows what it means for others is a common mistake.
It's about what you believe in, the choices you make, what you are capable of, your history and what is around you of of challenges, people, possibilities..
Add it all up and the answer is different for everyone of us.

Beth has left a new comment on your post "bisguts":

um...I'm with solarisgal...did I miss something here? I got yer back Dog, with whatever...remember that!

happiness is different for every person. My kids make me happy (most of the time!) and some people wouldn't DREAM of having kids and make their happiness with their job or how much money they make, or how many blog comments they get!

doggybloggy has left a new comment on your post "bisguts":

solaris: nope you didnt miss a thing

mandi: life love and family - exactly

buff: I guess so...

anette: that is a perfect answer...

beth: you reiterate the point that happiness comes in many flavors... thats it in a nutshell.

Micky-T has left a new comment on your post "bisguts":

I think education comes from.......attitude.

Your parents attitude towards you and your attitude towards your parents.
Your schools attitude to you and your attitude to your schools.
Your friends attitude towards you and your attitude towards your friends.

I'm impressed with the attitude you have towards people in the first part of your post but I think you let that attitude slip away, while voiceing an opinion of another blogger.

I think we're all of us...and we should leave our name calling and finger pointing only to the people who directly affect our lives.

Just my asshole opinion!

There it is!


Kitt said...

Ah, the old wrestling-with-pigs conundrum.

deb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deb said...

that was me who deleted because I had not read this in it's "whole"

WOW! Interesting! This is more than my little hungover brain can handle today.

I think I'll stick to my semi-simple postings and stay out of this. My biggest challenge right now is if I should "give it up to the big guy" because he bought me onion rings? I'm leaning towards a nap. Not like it was a Lobster dinner.

I will say one thing. I managed and will do what ever I can to keep my daughter in Private School at 5k per year. I'm doing this on Disabilty earnings, unemployment earnings & then back to waiting tables and selling the occasional house or whatever it friggin takes for her. I'm with you we all have a purpose and will end up where we do. I like underdogs, misfits. That's me and damn I reeled myself right in here.

deb said...

I think education comes from first having the desire to learn everything else from there is a by-product.

Dana said...

I think education comes from opening your mind to the views of others and considering that you might be wrong.


buffalodickdy said...

You and Dana are my buds- this is not worth getting on your hind legs about... Mon Ami... Amigo..

doggybloggy said...

kitt: THAT's a funny way of putting it...I like it.

deb: and good for you too...I wish private school was 5k per year...we go(my son goes)to an 'alternative' school,its in the public school system....

dana: good answer if its applied, bad answer if its a directive.

buff: I just thought it would be a good idea to post what I deleted - I am not trying to stir up any mud...I like to talk about food mostly.

The whole gist of what I am getting at is that no one 'deserves less' because they cant afford it and no one 'deserves more' because they can...too many people who can afford it dont deserve it and too many who do deserve it cant afford it...thats all...

deb said...

very good ending. You hit it!

Michelle said...

Not sure what you're talking about but... could you imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same?? I sure as hell don't want anyone to be like me! :) We all need to agree to disagree.. I have a little saying I drew up that is on my desk at work. "Lord, please let me see people the say that you seen them"

Matt-Man said...

In my opinion, your post is typical of the thought patterns of many idealogues both on the far left and far right.

You have constructed a straw man arguement by taking the issue that was broached and turning it into an assumptive, psychological evaluation of the of the one who began the debate, Dana.

You attacked her, rather than attacking her thoughts on the education system.

I understand that. Many people are uncomfortable stepping out of the rigid belief system and considering other positions.

Some people just feel safer when life is in black and white.


doggybloggy said...

Deb: apparently it isnt over yet.

michelle: I hear you and imagine how life would be if people always wanted to be different just to be different

matt-man: I do believe the comment section took this 'original argument' in a much different direction...I hardly have a 'rigid' belief system but you can perceive what ever you want - you 'think' I am a New Yorker, after all

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