Sunday, June 22, 2008


Who doesnt like to go on a trip? I used to hate it because that usually meant work and well work is work but now trips are not work and they are a lot more fun. All that being said is it too early to say we 'might' be in New Mexico for August? Who cares, psyched is the word that comes to mind over here. Plus for work I hardly if maybe only once went to New Mexico and I love New Mexico. I say 'might' loosely because it could either mean we go for the whole month or just 'some of' we shall see. Tennessee is on our layover plan. I have an old friend there and some new blog friends too. Lets see.


Michelle said...

Sounds like fun! You can get some new southwestern recipes!

Gina said... can't from Tenn to New Mexico without passing by me!!


Joy said...

I live near Nashville and am glad you'll be here even though briefly. Haven't been to NM yet but love AZ. Hope you have a wonderful time!

Kitt said...

I'll wave atcha from Colorado! You should go for a month.

doggybloggy said...

a month is exactly what the doctor should order

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