Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Not that kind, the kind you eat. Shrimp cocktails, in fact shrimp and bay scallop cocktails with avocado- to be exact. I remember the first time I had a shrimp cocktail was with my dad at a bar in downtown Albuquerque at lunch time. He told me before going in that .."this place makes the best shrimp cocktails and I am going to treat you to one." I thought "dang he has let me sip his beer before yet I am only 12 and now I am going to get a shrimp cocktail, life is good." So in we went and it was dark, most places seemed unusually dark walking in from bright New Mexico sunshine. My eyes adjusted and it was an unseemly kind of place, oh what the heck I was getting a cocktail. My dad ordered a beer a soda and two shrimp cocktails and I was thinking we are having a party. I sat there all excited and in a bar -wow. The drinks arrived and then so did some food. I thought "where are the shrimp cocktails" knowing that I had graduated beyond the shirley temple and, obviously, was way past the roy rogers I was going to get a cocktail - a 'shrimp' cocktail - for little guys like me. I dug into some delicious cold shrimp sticking out of a glass with some really good spicy tomato sauce and that is when my dad said "see arent theses the best!' I said "the best what?" and he said "shrimp cocktails" I thought for a moment processing this whole 'cocktail' thing and not wanting to sound dumb said "they sure are" still feeling a little bit confused,"huh, this is it?" I still feel all grown up and excited everytime I eat one, but I am not confused anymore.

Spicy Shrimp Cocktail

One pound of tiger shrimp,
lightly steamed and then peeled
half a pound of bay scallops, rinsed and raw
two kirby cucumbers, the younger the better, diced
two ripe tomatoes, chopped
two jalapeno peppers, diced
a handful of cilantro, chopped
two large scallions, chopped
dash of red chile powder, dash - more like, 'some'
I like to spice it up.
a tablespoon of hot horseradish
as much ketchup as makes it look reddish
(I dont like ketchup that much, too sweet,
so most people use more than I do)
juice of two big limes
one ripe haas avocado, cubed
salt to taste
fresh ground black pepper

Mix everything in a large bowl and refrigerate for at least two hours then spoon into the container of your choice and eat.
(serves 4 -6 large or 8-12 small)


Mandi said...
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Michelle said...

This looks awesome! I love the story that goes along with it! I'm going to head to the fish market this weekend and give this a try!

Kitt said...

What a sweet story! I'd like a cocktail and a cocktail, please.

Beth said...

oh, I gotta make this. that has every single thing I love init..(except for scallops...yuk) but the sauce? yum!!!!

and I remember going out with my dad and getting shirley temples!!! They were the best and I felt so grown up drinking them...I wonder if they still make those...

buffalodickdy said...

Sounds great, but hold the cilantro and cucumber on mine....

doggybloggy said...

mandi: well then batter them up and fry them...that was easy.

michelle: it is so cool and refreshing.

kitt: some kind of mango margarita would be nice..

beth: the scallops get so over powered by everything they are only a texture...and yes they still make shirley temples and roy rogers...just ask.

buffalo: what no cilantro or cucumber...?

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