Saturday, June 14, 2008

coney island

coney baby

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I rode the cyclone today with my little guy, last year he was tall enough but not brave enough - this year the bravery kicked in. (he is 10 now!)

sunny window, I should show you 'real time'

That thing is like being in a car wreck, my bones ached most of the way through and for a couple hours after, after the first drop he closed his eyes and said he was going to puke. While we creaked up to the second drop he opened his eyes and we 'gritted' all the way through the rest - he was screaming like a banshee and I was 'ugh'-ing and aching all the way through. We got out less than two minutes later and $16 dollars poorer and me needing a massage or some triage or some kind of 'therapy' or 'counseling' or something- yeah, sure the 'thrill' is there but this thing -beats you up- just that hurts( lets see thats 10.4 euro or 16.4 cad or 17 aud or 1730.64 ypy (yen) or 8.2 pounds or 685 rupees or 52.5 myr or ringgits or 165.70 mexican pesos ... and thats All I am converting)

It should be considered that I have ridden the cyclone about(meaning sometimes more than once) once a year since 1986 (I skipped the last couple years while the pup -got into didnt hurt when I was younger)

Life was sunny...really sunny.

He got to throw back a Sea Robin.

The day went along 'swimmingly' until that became literal!

It Poured!


Beth said...

I'll say it poured!!!! that's alot of water!!

and i love how cool the Pup is...with his hat like his Pops.

Kitt said...

Wow! What a deluge! Glad the first part of the day was nice. I'm more of a Ferris Wheel gal, myself. What the heck is a sea robin?

doggybloggy said...

beth: for like a minute...we were already home..thats my block..I am looking for parking

kitt: it is a fish. Sea robins are bottom-feeding scorpaeniform fishes in the family Triglidae. They get their name from their large pectoral fins, which, when swimming, open and close like a bird's wings in flight. Sea robins have six spiny "legs," three on each side. These legs are really flexible spines that were once part of the pectoral fin. Over time, the spines separated themselves from the rest of the fin, evolving into feeler-like "forelegs." The pelvic fins have been thought to let the fish "walk" on the bottom, but are really used to stir up food. When caught, it makes a croaking noise similar to a frog

Urban Vegan said...

I haven't been on a roller coaster in years...your description really brought my stomach back up to my mouth!

deb said...

looks like a nice way to spend Father's Day weekend. you've got a nice buddy there. :)

Dana said...

I *heart* wooden coasters (I'm a purist), but they do tend to beat you up!

Michelle said...

Wow! look at all those people on the beach! Its been years since I've been on a rollercoaster! I used to love them! I would probably puke now! LOL!

We've had a few rainstorms like that the last couple of weeks! Lots of thunder! Love it!

Spin said...

Looks like a good part of the day was nice. Hope it wasn't the rain that made you have to go home.

A Sea Robin that is one funny looking fish.

buffalodickdy said...

I really miss roller coasters.. since my sons grew up, I've been coasterless...

akakarma said...

I love roller coasters and fast rides of all kinds! It is nice to have someone to ride them with- hooray for the little guy! We were camping this weekend in the deluge! Luckily had a lean to!

Mandi said...

Even with the rain - what a great experience, I know its probably close to where you live, but those of us so far away - It sounds wonderful.

Sorry to do this, but there is a post I am about to write on my blog that I think you need to read.

Have a great week!!!!

Claudia said...

I am a roller coaster whore. But I will confess that as I age, *gasp*, it becomes a little scarier and a little more painful each go. I do not know what I will do the day it becomes apparent I am too old to ride them anymore. I am SO not a spinning teacup kinda chick.

Love ya!

doggybloggy said...

UV: it doesnt get any easier thats for sure..

deb: he sure is but you have a good buddy too!

dana: and how!

michelle: yeah tons of thunder and lightening...its spectacular

buff: this one was BRUTAL

spin: naw...we were heading home after a long day

aka: camping? you got soaked!

mandi: it is pretty close but the sydney opera house is not...LOL

Claudia: I am not a big ride fanatic but I WILL ride roller coasters....I am still sore and its monday!

Tanya Kristine said...

nop. don't ride rides anymore.

love the rain...i LOVE the rain.

doggybloggy said...

TK: it rains every day like we live in the rain forest or - something.

Emiline said...

I love roller coasters. That one looks like fun. Having your bones rattled around is what makes it fun! Not sure it was worth $16, though.

Be careful when driving a car in the pouring rain and holding a camera at the same time!

Bina said...

Sounds like a blast but those wooden coasters beat the crap out of me, too and then my lower back hurts for days!!!!! I've never heard of a Sea Robin.

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