Friday, January 18, 2008

Thus Spoke The Dogg


"my air" she said
"you are my breath
without you I am
nothing, limp without


I did not know that I had been bitten,
bitten by the deadly snake with its venom,
venom so poisonous and acrid a bite so lasting
and fast, fast did the snake slither,
slither back to its lair, a lair of reeds
and packed mud and discarded carcasses,
carcasses from past victims uneaten
wasted by the bite from the snake
not a snake that was hungry,
hungry for nutrients strong
but a snake whose intent was in biting,
biting with its fangs so drippy and sharp,
sharp so pointed and long,
long was the snake from its tip to its tail
that I should have seen it sliding slowly then fast,
fast was the strike that would last
yet I was not numb, numb from its hypnotic stare
nor did I groan when the fang sank itself deep,
deep in my unwary skin,
skin so taut and surprised,
surprised at the bite from a snake that was mine,
mine at one time before it escaped,
escaped to its lair in the mud and the reeds,
reeds that disguise the snakes nasty charms,
charms that please only a snake,
a snake like all snakes sneaky and slick
that it bit me so good and it bit me so deep
that my sickness so sick did not greet me till late,
late did I find I was bit, bit
by the snake that ate from my plate
and once curled around me so sweet,
sweet is the taste in my mouth as I pass,
pass from one life to next and remember the lesson
a lesson I learned all too late: that a snake is a snake is a snake.

All words copyright cg 3[2002 - 2008]


Real Live Lesbian said...

Do you know my ex?

Great lines! I'm impressed. I'd love to hear it aloud.

clover14 said...

Wow. You must post more...and then you need to put together a freakin' cookbook AND a book of poetry. Damn, Dog, you impress me.

buffalodickdy said...

Reminds me of a old song I heard 40 yrs ago...

akakarma said...

Doggy- love your writing.

HAR said...

Don't we all?

HAR said...

Don't we all?

Mel said...

I am impressed, but confused :) as usual.

snowelf said...

Wow, Db, gorgeous expression all around!


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