Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Where was I

Oh yeah it was right after we saw buffalo, but anyway on a side note I am gunning for 365 posts this year, one a day lets see if I can hang with the big boys and girls. I finished off last year with a paltry 178 so I gotta double my efforts. One funny thing is In NYC people can totally tell I am not from NYC but to make that even more funny is when I am in the place that I am from people think I am from somewhere else...cracks me up but it only means I get to play the tourist all the time. so we visit like good visitors should.

This is our gangsta rental and boy I am telling you this car was like a parking guru no matter what we found a spot right in front so much that when I was around my local friends they comented on my parking locales...gangsta baby

As we got more north it naturally got colder.

We stopped in Espanola for lunch. Espanola, New Mexico is the brunt of all jokes. For example - why did they have to cancel sex education and drivers ed? - the mule died....bah dum dum. Anyway we ate at Ranch o casados since the banana and I are casado (look it up)

We ate Fajitas and Sopaipilla tacos.

Scenic vistas later and after the police incident I mentioned a couple posts back.

We end up out here.

Its snow packed

This is the snow plow.
Nuh uh....we gonna go back the other way.....

We finally get to Taos after 7 hours on the road but we did stop for breakfast and lunch and even though we went the 75 mile per hour speed limit we still took our time.

What? Enchantment starting at $50 bucks....we're in.


Lara Croft said...

First question, did ya buy touristy stuff lol.
I never go anywhere and not buy a tourist tshirt, its practical, it has longevity and i wear it loud and proud.
Is that a frozen fountain?
I love the snow pics and your pics are crystal clear, nice job.
Personally I am not a bean fan, are most of the menu items beany?
Wow ice crystal on a widow that is way cool, I never actually knew they were so perfect!
I think I would love to check out NM in winter, i have enough sunshine at home!
Just awesome doggy, i think i love other peeples holiday snaps as much as i love my own lol

Mel said...

I want some enchantment for $50!

Dana said...

I think the drive was worth the enchantment starting at $50 bucks!

buffalodickdy said...

Looks like a good time despite snow! I like road trips- I've got to do at least one this year!

Tavolini said...

Low Rider capital of the world! I've got friends in Espanola--haven't been there for a minute--beautiful part of the country.

Nice ride--we always seem to end up with toy cars when we rent. Looks like a chilly but beautiful trip :)

Beth said...

7 hours??!!! Oh Lord, help me! I would go nuts. At least the views were nice, huh?

a post every day, huh? I can't wait! You big slacker!!!

Gina said...

Good to see you again....and your great pics....I agree....50 bucks for enchantment...I'm in....also I rather like the idea of "hot tub wifi".....mmmmmm bet you could write a "hot" blog from


urban vegan said...

Looks like a cool holiday vaca...snow, aside.

And by the way, who in NY is really a native NYer?

Cynthia said...

You are aiming for 365 posts?! All the best to you on that front my friend. Looking forward to it.

Happy new year!

pinknest said...

that sopapilla will be mine.

doggybloggy said...

lara croft: not t-shirts but plenty of other 'curios' and no on the beans -most things are 'meaty'

Mel: we opted for a 'bigger' room for $64 but still....

Dana: we were in no hurry and the hot tub sealed the deal

Buffalo: try and not be too surprised if we end up im your stomping grounds

tavolini: how do you know Espanola???

Beth: it was the gangsta we're fun

Gina: were you spying on us??

Urban Vegam: people from Queens???

Cynthia: yes 365 but if it starts to seem contrived I will scale back

Pinknest: there are better sopapillas to claim and better ones should be yours in the sopapillaville

akakarma said...

$50. with hot tub and Wifi! I'm there.

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