Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

I dont know when we'll be back again, but we do get here annually lately so we shall see. My New Years Resolution is a simple one : lose 15 pounds. Now that seems simple but it involves far less beer and far more excercise and that is where the difficulty comes in. I can do it.

January first is my anniversay of moving to New York City. This year marks the beginning of my 23rd year -
WOW where DID the time go? My memories are fresh even though my flesh is is not.

My last (and third) post from sunny New Mexico.

We arrived on Saturday the 15th, we relaxed on Sunday and on Monday morning we hit the road heading for Taos.

Icy windows with perfect crystals

First stop Barelas Coffee House an Albuquerque insititution that is only open for breakfast and lunch.

We had Posole and Menudo.

Then it was on to the three hour drive.

A stop in Santa Fe to admire the ristras.

And other typically Santa Fe views.

Buffalo, HUH?

.........more to come its time to load up and head to the airport.
365 posts coming at ya...


buffalodickdy said...

Amigo, Mon Ami, My Friend- Welcome back to your home of 23 yrs! Is it home, or that place you just left? I took a pass on relocation 3 times- I wonder some days if it's what I should have done... It is good you take your son there, giving him choices, different views... I brought my kids up to see the possibilities, and you have done the same with your son-even moreso! Thank you once more for your gift- it really demonstrates good people are found everywhere, if you look..

Mel said...

Welcome back, good luck with that resolution! YOu can doooo it!!!!!!

Beth said...

Happy New Year Dog!

Great pictures!

SolarisGal said...

Nice pics! And happy new year doggy!

doggybloggy said...

Buffalo: well it only seemed natural to give you some good chile since you love it so much, I am sure you get some pretty good stuff yourself since mail order aint what it used to be...heck, now you can get anything anywhere they deliver mail...I know.

Mel: thanks and I am going to give it my best 50%

Beth: thanks and same to cashmere lacking you...LOL

Solaris: Same to you Solaris...have a great new year.

pinknest said...

posole!!! i'm loving this trip.

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