Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what would you like

This is how I feel, on a road to no where.

Its winter doldrums and winter only just began we still have at least 45 more days to go. We miss New Mexico more now than ever. Each time I visit it gets harder and harder to want to come back to NYC. Sure The Apple is fine but the Land of Enchantment is well - enchanting.

I can usually whip my weight in wild cats but that is not the case anymore unless the wildcats stayed thin but that wouldnt work either since I would need more cats to make up the difference. What does that have to do with anything? Got me. These fish were so delicious.

Nice haircut.

We have been playing HeroScape lately.

Food pyramid food shmearamid. Give me a food suggestion since I can no longer think for myself and I want to fight wildcats.


Real Live Lesbian said...

I'd like a big fresh bowl of guacamole and chips. Lots of chunky August tomatoes in there, too.

I'm tired of all of this dreary weather, too.

Let's all meet up in the land of sunshine!

Tavolini said...

I hear you. I want to go further south, even--take me to a land of coconuts, mangoes, limes and I'll be happy. Some ceviche made with freshly caught fish and garden veggies.

Jason said...

I read an article on miracle fruit, which temporarily makes sour things taste sweet. Have you ever tried that?

Dana said...

I hate this time of year - fresh fruit is poor quality and WAY overpriced!

I want a fresh fruit salad!

Michelle Ann said...

Milky Ways and could work.

snowelf said...

Oh! I want to play Heroscape too! That sounds like a fabulous escape from this nasty winter weather!!

mmm, milky ways....


Anonymous said...

Fired pickles, damn it! Try those fried pickles!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I'm silly. I meant to say FRIED PICKLES

Mel said...

hehe fired pickles :) That made me smile!

I am sick of winter too. We get spring early though so I cant wait!

doggybloggy said...

Clover, Real Live, Tavo, dana Michelle, Snow,jason and mel...

fried pickle
fruit smoothie
avocado spread
coconut delight
juicy mango

coming right up.

akakarma said...

Just give me the Chocolate Bar!!!!

HAR said...

I am not tired of the winter yet. After the first big snow, I will be.

Claudia said...

"I can usually whip..."

I couldn't get past that line I got so excited. ;)

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