Friday, January 25, 2008


As I ponder a food challenge I google. I google 'grilled fruit' and grilled fruit galore is available for your viewing pleasure. Man oh man.

Mostly looking for ideas and inspiration and just to have a look then I google 'fried pickles' - who knew? I imagined the ripple cut but never the - long - the pickle spear. Looks like fried pickles even comes - varietal. I like the ripple cut since the spear seems too - juicy. Gear up we got a milkyway coco fruity avocado delight stewing.


Dana said...

Oooohhhh ... the fruit! I think I need to move south - there is no finding any fruit that looks like that during a Chicago winter!

pinknest said...

oh i love fried pickles!! and grilled peaches.

buffalodickdy said...

My next kitchen gizmo will have to be a deep fryer!

SolarisGal said...

I've never tried fried or grilled fruits - must do so sometime!

Mel said...

I have never tried grilled fruit either but they look good! NOt the fried pickles though, I dont like pickles. I love cucumber but not pickels, go figure

Beth said...

now the grilled vegies look yum..but fried pickles? I think I'll pass on that one. eeechk!!

and for your info, I only have TWO Baby Daddy's, thank you very much.

clover14 said...

I've never had fried pickles as the ripple-cut style. Only the spear. That's how the Cincinnati Germans like 'em!

doggybloggy said...

Dana: you can get almost anything anytime in NYC

Pinknest: I have never had em - fried pickles that is

buff: I would love a deep fryer

Solaris: fried anything is always good

Mel: it brings out the natural sugar and gives a nice toasty flavor

Beth: I keep doing the math and I come up with three...the girls have the same one?

Clover: the spear? wow I pictured ripple cuts like chips the whole time....

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