Monday, July 02, 2007

Lazy Hazy

Summer days are here and I finally snapped out of that Nahuatl trance I was in. Geez just one more mention of anything ending in ote or ate and I was going to lose it. Everyday we start out with a fresh juice of some kind and lately it is carrot beets and celery. Who cares what people say about how healthy it is or how it eliminates toxins or what ever cancer preventing properties this sh%$ is good. If you are not used to it it rips right through you if you get my drift, so if you plan on drinking fresh juices like this be prepared.

Slabs of beef tenderloin and coconut prawns with a dipping sauce of reduced orange and ginger.

Rodrigo and Gabriela at Summer Stage

More mushrooms, these are called Alcohol Inkys or Coprinus. I dont eat these, although they are edible, because they react to alcohol for up to two days later and the symptoms are not that concrete at least for me anyway, but they are darn cute.

And just some basic hanging around.


pinknest said...

what? no more nahuatl trance? i was intrigued. but fresh juices sound delicious! do you have a juicer?

buffalodickdy said...

Good looking food, looked like a nice day too!

Tanya Kristine said...

i have to say this; i HATE juice. hateithateithateit.

unless it's v-8.

when i did my 7 day fast that's all i could have was juice. i remember the last one i choked down had me near upchucking as though i'd done 10 shots of tequila.

which i'd also rather do.

doggybloggy said...

pinknest: I have had a variety of juicers throughout the years, in college I had a Krupps then some off brands and a Braun now I have a Moulinex.
Buff: it was except for the agoraphobia I get in crowds.. I get so anxious
TK: Okay already then have a V-8...hate is such a stong sentiment wow..

Stepping Over the Junk said...

dang it. now I am hungry and want to go eat but I JUST brushed my teeth! Heh. I love shrimp.

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