Wednesday, July 18, 2007

bore ring

If it wasnt for the stupendous thunder this morning and the tropical downpour this day is a wash. I crack me up. I need a new digital camera since in case you havent noticed all my shots are blurry and now it is acting funny, like some times it zooms and opens and other times it gives me a "zoom error". I like the casios and the sony's, so if you were gonna buy one which would you get? I have a fuji finepix now and am not satisfied since day two but continued to cut it slack thinking it was me.

these are the choices

this is what I have


Well I dropped it off to get repaired since I did get the "extended warranty" the one they say that they fix it or replace it but have to look at it first. Knowing me while I wait to "find out" I will have bought a new one and relegated this one to the little guy when ever its ready.

Saw this HUGE flower today and see my phone takes a better picture.


buffalodickdy said...

Canon Power Shot- Upgrading since I bought an A-80. I actually have a jackleg wide angle and 2X I can use. Get a Pelican case-Guaranteed for life, period!

doggybloggy said...

Buff: which power shot, there are many?

Jason said...

I like the Sony, myself. It's hard to find anyone out there who says they wish they hadn't bought their Sony.

buffalodickdy said...

I got mine 2 years ago, and they have upgrades now with more megapixels and other features. The S-3 IS has 6.2 megapixels with 12x zoom for about $300. Not teenie, easy to hang onto.

Beth said...

ya, I would always go with a Cannon first..Rae has a Ower shot and LOVES it....son has a Sony and LOVES I think you'd do good either way.

Now, for more important stuff....were you near the big steam blast and are you and The Pup ok? What the heck happened and did it totally freak you out?!

doggybloggy said...

Steam blast? only saw it on the news, didnt hear anything nor see anything in person, we were home.

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

I had a fugi Finepix also. It pooped out on us awhile back, and we ended up getting a Sony Cyber-shot in it's place. And all I can say about it is that I.LOVE.IT. It takes WAY better photos than that Fuji piece of junk...and I use the video recorder on it ALL the time.
Hope you find something you like soon!

Tanya Kristine said...

can't go wrong with a sony. alhtough mine crapped out after a year and a half. i still got oantoher one. i just wish i had a thousand dollars to get a real camera.

pinknest said...

mine was a sony cybershot dsc-w1...before i lost it. i LOVED it. unfortunately it's updated now and i'm not sure which model it is. i tired out a new sony cybershot, the t100, and it was nice, but i wasn't so crazy about it. i'm testing out the canon powershot sd850, and that's pretty nice, although the shots have a very smooth feel to it. so i'm still searching.

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