Monday, July 23, 2007


We were in The Promised Land this weekend and it was nice, but since I have no camera there are no photos. We were so lucky that it didn't rain all weekend, rain and tents is no fun. We drove around a bit and got lost on PA State road 590. What a twisty turvy road that seems to not lead anywhere. We drove a lonnnnng way east and felt more and more lost so we turned around and drove back. Lake Wallenpaupak is huge. We cant wait to go camping again since while we were at the campground we got a chance to discover the "spot" we like best.


pinknest said...

i'm going to be camping! next month, though.

Little Wing said...

I love to camp. The Promised Land looks like it would live up to the name! Beautiful country!

Angel said...

Please, just shoot me before taking me camping...I hate it! Tents! Bugs! ugh!!!

But I'm glad you at least had fun!

MommaMonkey said...

Wow, sounds like a fantastic time! Perfect weather too....I was just day-dreaming about when I was younger and my Mom and I would go camping a lot. Then I read your blog, and now I really want to go camping!

buffalodick said...

We went thru our "camping stage" and are getting to soft for roughing it!

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