Friday, May 30, 2008


Well, well, well I get all ready to post up a storm and then get caught behind the 8 ball. Suddenly, well suddenly to me, I had to do all kinds of school stuff with the kid. Field trips, events and all sorts of 'little' things like playdates and whatevers. It isnt easy being 'alpha dad' well it is easy for me but it may not be easy for most. So off to Philly we go. Do people from philly call it philly? Is it the same as "frisco", because the only time I say I am going back to the 'big apple' is when I am far away and I am actually telling someone who is not from NYC thats where I am going? We do stay busy over here in doggyville, while it may not seem that way at a glance you have to get down to the nitty gritty to really 'feel' it.

They say Betsy Ross lived here but she had more than one husband in her life. Was this in her 'single' years?

I dont know who took this photo because as a "chaperone" I volunteered to wait outside with the backpacks. I've seen the Liberty Bell - it aint all its cracked up to be...LOL

How picture perfect.

"look, a colonialist"

"a penny saved is a penny earned" who said that?

They say George Washington was over 6 feet tall. Thats big for those days.


akakarma said...

Ahhh.. so that's where you've been?
The end of the school year is kind of
all squished together in a frantic desire to do Everything before the last day! I'm happy you got away... Looks like a good time.

debbyd said...

ok i'll make them because i love gorgonzola cheese. oh my gosh that is the cutest pic ever of your boy. THAT HAIR! DARLING pic from
(3-10-07) I imagine he's gotten you a few dates. hmm? :)

did you eat a philly (cheesesteak)?
love em'

doggybloggy said...

aka: it does all get bunched up doesnt it?

Debbyd: I feel a 'throwdown'coming on..I be game. I dont need "dates" but he is way too cute. I cut his hair and we get all kinds of 'offers' if that helps. we had vendor cheesteak but we can get that anywhere...

dont play me...LOL

buffalodickdy said...

Been there twicw in my life, once as a kid, once as an adult- liked it both times!

Dana said...

Odd ... on my way to work yesterday I was thinking, "I wonder where DB snuck off to?" Now I know!

Kudos to you for doing what you do with and for your son - I know how difficult, yet rewarding, it is to shoulder that responsibility!

HAR said...

Chaperone a trip to Philly with 13 year olds = sainthood

TavoLini said...

hahahahaha--okay--I have a picture of myself in front of the Liberty Bell, probably right around your son´s age--I was in 4th grade. And I was COMPLETELY pissed because I wanted to go hang out with these really cool kids who were being bad outside. Same expression, except I sported entirely tragic clothing. Props to your son and his rock and roll hair!

Urban Vegan said...

Yes, we call it Philly. Cute kidlet!

I can't believe you were here and didn't call ;)

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