Monday, May 05, 2008

everyone is a winner

This is my idea of a contest. You send me an e mail or a comment and later follow up with a mailing address (make it your local corner store if you are worried I might show up in Quebec or whatever) and in this correspondence you tell me how you like chile and I will send you a blend made especially for you and your recipe. These recipes can be varied. You can say, for instance, " I only like chile if my mom made it" and that would be okay, except then I am going to need some background on your mom so I can feebly try and recreate her gem. Side note - Buffalodickdy is excluded from this since he is a chile champ and I am going to send him some anyway. There are many ways to eat this stuff - I had a sicilian friend that made his 'gravy' spicy, I know this dessert person that likes to add it to chocolate, I have this one friend that puts it on everything but that is just a little too much and I tell her to tone it down. There is a chile world out there and this is its exploration. I am trying to get over my chile eliteisms and embrace the worlds grasp of the caspicsum. If you dont have a chile recipe that is okay too simply tell me how spicy or not so spicy you like things as well as if you are or are not vegetarian and that will work too. (hate to send a chicken thing to a non chicken eater). Humor me with this and you might be surprised. Come on now Beth and Bina, and Claudia and Spin even TanyaK ( she hates everything). Lets see what happens. If you dont like chile but you want to 'win' anyway thats fine too just submit something.


Beth said...


Ok, I like things really really spicey...REALLY spicey. I like my chili spicey, my pasta sauce spicey, pizza sauce spicy, BBQ sauce spicey..I HATE sweet BBQ sauce..the hotter and spicer the better!

I don't have any recipes tho!!! I'm a loser!

But you already PROMISED me some chili, so you better not back out now!!! ;)

buffalodickdy said...

DogB- Great idea! I want to send you my 2 step blend I use in competition, in addition to some personally toasted and ground cumin I do- and a Buffalo Dick tee-shirt! Send me your mailing address and it will be on the way!

doggybloggy said...

beth: chikens and squids and all kinds of ribs....

buff: but you gotta help me here

Kitt said...

What a great idea! I will pass on entering, having good chiles available here, but I look forward to seeing what everyone does with their winnings!

Barrie said...

I would like lentils in my chili. Please. :)

Dana said...

I'm a spicy chick as well, but I tend to like complimentary opposites - sweet AND spicy! It's BBQ season here in the Midwest and although I'm certain I could never compete with Buff, I'm always looking for a new rub for ribs, chicken or steak!

Beth said...


Bina said...

I LOVE chili! but I don't like spicy! I love the kidney beans, and I would like to try some chili with sausage in it. I mean, that just sounds good, ya know? And I don't like it really runny, but not REALLY thick either, cause I always put cheddar cheese on top and I like to scoop it on top of a cracker instead of putting crackers in it.

So, not too picky, right??? LOL

debbyd said...
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debbyd said...

Chile, Chile
inspires me silly
I put it my waffles
The kid thinks it’s awful

But do I care,
Should I dare
Pour it in her underwear?

No, I better not
Don’t think it will hit the spot
That I intended
Which is blended,
in my martini.

by Debby

I had a very unusual & most tasty thai chile martini once.

Like it w/cumin & habenero style. But not soo hot you cannot taste it. Fun times

Claudia said...

Well, I don't eat meat, so I'll start with that, but I love my chili HAWT. I like dipping crusty bread in to thick, hot chili and feeling it simmer in my mouth before sharing it's bite with the rest of my insides. I love chili in chocolate, not too spicy, not too obvious, just enough to make you fall to your knees and praise the chili-chocolate Goddess for creating such a mouthwatering orgasmic combination. And of course, if it has alcohol in it, I want it, I second the Martini tasty-treat and offer you a recipe.


* 1 pc red finger chili, sliced lengthwise in half, deseeded
* 6 jigger vodka, any quality white vodka will do
* 2 jigger cinnamon infused syrup
* 1/2 jigger white creme de cacao
* 2 jigger chocolate syrup, a good commercially available product
* melted couverture for decoration or if you prefer a clean decoration or you may use the chocolate syrup for a "melting" decoration on the glass.
* chocolate stick for decoration
* 4 pc small chilies for decoration
* 10-12 pc ice cubes
* ======================
* chilled martini glasses


1. Prepare a simple syrup with the addition of cinnamon bark to it.
2. Melt the couverture for the decoration, place it in a small bottle or piping bag and swirl it around the chilled martini glass. Set aside.
3. Muddle the chili with a little of the cinnamon infused syrup.
4. Add the ice cubes to the bar shaker and add all other ingredients with the exception of the chocolate stick to it.
5. Cover the shaker with the muddle glass tightly and shake vigorously until all ingredients are well combined and well chilled.
6. Remove the muddle glass, and strain the martini into the prepared glasses into the glass.
7. Decorate with the chocolate stick and an additional chili and serve immediately.

Claudia said...


And Chile PEANUTS with Ice Cold BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!


* 2 c Raw Peanuts
* 2 ts Chili Powder
* 1 ts Cumin, Ground
* 3 sm Dried Hot Red Chiles ground
* 2 tb Salad Oil
* Salt


1. The lively flavors of cumin and chiles make these peanuts irresistible.
2. Place the peanuts in a large rimmed baking pan.
3. Bake in a 350F oven, stirring occasionally, until lightly golden (about 15 minutes).
4. Remove from the oven.
5. Add the chili powder, cumin, chiles, and oil to the pan, blending well.
6. Return to the oven and continue to bake, stirring once, until the peanuts are a golden brown, (8 to 10 Minutes more).
7. Season to taste with the salt.
8. Can serve warm or cool.

Tanya Kristine said...


and I'd clobber you if that weren't so icky.

have an icky day!

p.s. I'll give you Kevin's address.

Anonymous said...

Must think about this one. I shall return!

snowelf said...

Holy moly, do you think I'm capable of making chile?

I like everything sweet and mild to medium, chicken, not hamburger (I loathe hamburger) I love any and all veggies except for cooked spinach. I should be pretty easy, right? :)

DoggyB, you are so awesome.


Slip said...

Deer Camp Chili, I found it is the best way to use the organ meat. Clean and grind the kidneys, heart, and liver, along with however much regular cut you need to feed the hoard. Brown along with fresh smashed garlic, our dried multi pepper & spice blend, and quality sweet onions diced in good sized pieces. I use bacon grease to brown with.

Gently smash whole tomatoes & the juice,add tomato paste for body, chunked celery, dark and white kidney beans.

Cook on low heat after it starts to bubble. Bring it to the thickness that you like or keep testing the celery, when it is right the chili is done. I like to add spice as I go, for some reason it makes a difference.

If my brother-in-law's upper lip is not covered in sweat the chili is not hot enough. I use one secret ingredient that has not ever been revealed until now that makes this chili special and only happens when the first deer taken is a buck. Just clean them properly, soak in iced salt water after you slice them, dry them and dice into 1/4 inch pieces and testes add texture and flavor. They get browned with the rest of the meat.

doggybloggy said...

adresses recieve chile...I have many so far and the cut off is fast approaching...goodluck to all you winners out there

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